Networking & Communications

Networking & Communications

Creating Seamless Connected Networks that Warfighters Can Trust

Our networking solutions and field-proven communications provide the core capabilities for secure mobile networks onboard land, sea, and airborne platforms. Leveraging advances in enterprise and data center technology, we design and create our rugged solutions to deliver high-performance connectivity on converged, application-aware networks in disconnected, intermittent, and limited (DIL) environments. For network security and information assurance, our modules and systems support a variety of secure network management protocols and authentication methods. We rigorously test our solutions to ensure they deliver reliable performance in the most demanding environmental conditions and extended temperatures. Our expertise and experience help system integrators to securely and affordably deploy digital network architectures for enhanced situational awareness (SA) and network-centric operations.

Defense Solutions Product Guide

Explore Curtiss-Wright's mission-critical solutions based on the latest technologies and open standards. From embedded computing, storage & recording, and networking & communications to flight test & monitoring, motion control, and video management, this Product Guide highlights our latest innovative solutions for aerospace and defense.

PacStar Communications Solutions
Advanced tactical communications solutions for mission-critical applications.
Tactical Data Link Processing
Enabling secure, interoperable tactical data link (TDL) communications with TCG TDL processing and management solutions.
Rugged Switch & Router Systems
Highly rugged small & ultra-small form factor networking systems with simple, plug-and-play unmanaged Layer 2 to high-bandwidth managed Layer 3 and rugged Cisco IOS technology.
Networking Modules
Keep warfighters and flight test crews connected with field-proven networking and communications VPX, VME, mezzanine, and PC104 cards.
MOSA for Interoperability and Scalability

Networking and communications are critical to distributed systems, requiring trusted and secure, high-bandwidth connected/wireless connectivity and interoperability. Curtiss-Wright’s hardware and software-based communication and networking solutions use the modular open systems approach (MOSA) for interoperability and scalability, enabling industry-standard protocols to scale seamlessly from box to system to system-of-systems. Our extensive I/O translation modules and versatile software-defined data links facilitate connectivity between many legacy architectures.

Secure Your Information Using PacStar ECS With CSfC

The National Security Agency (NSA) Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) program protects classified data by leveraging a two-layered approach using commercial security components. Compared to a traditional government-off-the-shelf (GOTS) Type 1 approach, a CSfC solution can be fielded in months instead of years and for a fraction of the investment. The PacStar Enterprise CSfC Solutions (ECS) family of gateway solutions rapidly implements CSfC, lowering costs and reducing risk by providing fully integrated, tested, and proven solutions for mission-critical communication. PacStar IQ-Core® Software manages PacStar ECS to simplify maintenance, unify management, reduce complexity, decrease downtime, and shorten training for PacStar ECS administrators. 

Integrated Data Links Made Simple

Current tactical data links are typically comprised of a network of participants using different radios and computer systems attempting to exchange information with each other using a multitude of different, non-interoperable protocols and messaging systems. Our tactical data link technology (TDL) is a force-multiplier that translates each tactical protocol/language, enabling different data links to seamlessly communicate clearly and efficiently. Learn more about how the Navy uses our TDL technology to simplify their data links.

How to Choose a Rugged Ethernet Networking Solution

Mission-critical defense and aerospace applications rely on the power and effectiveness of rugged Ethernet networking solutions. But, these solutions come in many varieties with a host of features to choose from. As a result, there are a wide range of factors to consider when choosing the optimal Ethernet networking solution for your program and application requirements.

Reliable High-Performance Connectivity

Gone are the days of isolated, single-function embedded appliances. Today’s systems are connected to local and wide area networks that enable distributed processing and share time-sensitive data. To meet the needs of modern missions, these networks must provide reliable high-performance connectivity, with integrated security that keeps classified data safe.

Curtiss-Wright’s networking solutions enable embedded fabrics, in-vehicle networks, and secure connections to wide-area networks with an extensive selection of rugged switching and routing systems, offering a wide variety of physical interfaces and extensive networking features. Our advanced signal integrity technology and real-time networking capabilities address the challenges of high-performance interconnect in the harshest environments, and our product interoperability helps you avoid system integration headaches. With Curtiss-Wright’s range of networking solutions, you get the high-performance and secure networking solutions your system needs, from the vendor you trust for the most demanding embedded environments.