Airborne applications

Processing, Test and Support Systems for Air Platforms

From Test, to Flight our Air Solutions are Engineered to Deliver

Our highly engineered aerospace solutions span mission computing, data acquisition, graphics/displays, communication networks, sensor processing, storage, flight testing, and structural monitoring. They are recognized for their size, weight, power efficiency, reliability, and ruggedness. Curtiss-Wright technologies for aerospace are trusted to test and power the most contemporary manned and unmanned military and commercial aviation systems.


Curtiss-Wright’s modular open system approach (MOSA) to building processing solutions for aerospace applications leverages the latest commercially developed technology for its processing density, performance, and interoperability. We build in flexible security and safety-certifiable frameworks for deployment in the harshest and most contested environments.

MOSA for Portability, Reduced Program Risk and Cost

MOSA or a modular open systems approach uses industry-standard technologies and a scalable approach to subsystem and module design that delivers rapid innovation, increased vendor choice, application portability and greater interoperability.


A MOSA establishes common mechanical, electrical, protocol, and interface requirements defined by the Open Group Sensor Open Systems Architecture™ (SOSA) technical standard, C5ISR/EW Modular Open Suite of Standards (CMOSS), Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE), Vehicle Integration for C4ISR/EW Interoperability (VICTORY) and numerous other interoperability standards for aerospace and defense applications. 

Lower Program Risk and Reduce Operating Costs

Curtiss-Wright products are deployed in a wide array of today's most demanding airborne platforms and applications. Whether enduring the intense heat of a desert tarmac, the sub-zero temperatures encountered during high-altitude flight, or the extreme shock and vibration of spacecraft launch, our products deliver optimal performance under the harshest conditions.

Embedded Computing Modules
Trusted and proven SBC, DSP, FPGA, GPGPU, networking, I/O and storage modules in various form factors.
Computing Systems
Ensure your mission success with systems backed by modular open standards-based C5ISR, EW, AI, and program-specific solutions.
RF & Flight Safety
Flight termination and airborne telemetry receivers, radar transponders, and telemetry transmitters designed to work seamlessly with ground stations
Data Acquisition
Single chassis and total system solutions, from data capture in the air to replay and analysis on the ground
Networking Systems
Simple, plug-and-play unmanaged Layer 2 to high-bandwidth managed Layer 3 and rugged Cisco IOS technology
Data Storage & Recording
Innovative data recording and storage systems, modules, and drives including crash-protected and encrypted solutions
Video Systems & Displays
Mission displays, video management, and recording systems that enhance situational awareness
Ground Stations
Hardware and software with critical functions to optimize data acquisition and analysis for the most stringent test range mission.


Flight Test and Monitoring  
Flight Test and Monitoring

Reliable and flexible data capture is key to program success

Data Recording & Storage  
Data Recording & Storage

Reduce program costs for all applications from AI to crash survival and encryption.

High Performance Embedded Computing  
High Performance Embedded Computing

More processing performance for greater mission capability .

Proven Built-In Security for the Most Contested Missions

Security is critical for modern aerospace missions and is increasingly mandated for new programs and technology refreshes. An effective security approach that spans software, firm, and hardware is most effective and less costly when a flexible security framework is built-in. Our enhanced TCOTS, CSfC, security-enabled data, and communication links create seamless layers of security to protect missions in the most contested environments.

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Is Arm the Future for Airborne Platforms in Military and Aerospace?

Quicker to Flight with Safety-Certifiable COTS Solutions

Mission-critical systems are not only required to operate reliably and predictably, but that ability must be demonstratable through Design Assurance Level (DAL) certification. We design and build our flight-safety certifiable processing modules with a top-down approach, building in the highest level of assurance for your mission-critical system, significantly reducing your program risk, schedule and cost.

Greater Situational Awareness with Advanced Sensor Processing

Global competition is making the sensor more sophisticated requiring greater processing capability to extract more information from ever-larger torrents of data - and to then fuse that information with other information to create holistic situational awareness. These processing systems need the most powerful contemporary compute resources, fastest interconnects, expansive storage, and secure communication links to complete their mission. 

Advanced Heterogeneous Processing for Smarter EW Systems

Electronic Warfare (EW) systems are critical for airborne missions. As the electromagnetic spectrum for radar, communications, and data links become congested with defense, civilian, friend, and foes signals, the ability to find, identify and counter threats becomes ever more critical. Curtiss-Wright uses a scalable, quickly refreshable modular open systems approach (MOSA) to build EW systems and their analog, signal, cognitive, and mixed-signal processing modules. Designed to operate close to the aperture and quickly interact with other support systems, our EW systems are built using the latest commercially developed technology for their performance.

Data Storage, from AI to Crash Survival

Data storage is critical for aerospace systems, whether it is dense, high-bandwidth bulk storage for artificial intelligence processing or highly reliable flight recorder data for later analysis. We ruggedly package and make secure the latest miniaturized NMVe technology for our high-density, fast access processing SSDs. Our flight recorders are designed to exceed the latest RTCA/DO-178C and RTCA/DO-254 requirements, protecting data during the most destructive events.

Digital cockpit flight display demo thumbnail

FACE Solution Demo: Digital Cockpit Flight Display

Digital Cockpit Flight Display Demonstration: The Open Group Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) Solution