Size, Weight, Power and Cost

Size, Weight, Power and Cost
Size, Weight, Power and Cost

Today's aerospace, commercial and defense applications demand high performance in small form factors

Consolidating and miniaturizing electronics drives innovation

As unmanned platforms continue to proliferate, get smaller, and more capable, they require their processing, storage, and control systems to get smaller, lighter, more power-efficient, and cost-effective (SWaP-C). Curtiss-Wright innovates by miniaturizing and consolidating multiple computing, networking, storage, and data link technologies into SWaP-efficient, affordable solutions. 


Small Form Factor Solutions Brochure

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SWaP-C Optimized Systems

We make sustained investments in our rugged electronics packaging and advanced cooling technologies using an open systems approach. An open approach enables our solutions to scale to meet the specific requirements of your system. The technologies we have developed protect systems from the harshest environments and reliably cool them for predictable processing performance anywhere.

Small & Ultra-Small Mission Computers
Minimize SWaP without sacrificing performance. Our modular LRUs leverage industry-leading, open standards-based technology in highly rugged, miniature packaging
Rugged SFF Switches & Routers
Highly rugged small & ultra-small networking systems with simple, plug-and-play unmanaged Layer 2 to high-bandwidth managed Layer 3 and rugged Cisco IOS technology.
SFF Tactical Communications
Advanced tactical communications solutions for mission-critical applications.
Flight Test & Monitoring
Your one stop for aerospace flight test and monitoring instrumentation field-proven in a wide variety of small form factor applications
Data Storage & Recording
Innovative and future-ready data recording and storage modules, drives, and systems, including crash-protected and encrypted solutions.
3U VPX Systems
Meet your program requirements (including those around SOSA, CMOSS, and OMS) with our selection of 3U VPX systems integrated with COTS modules.
Video Systems
Displays, cameras, video management, and recording systems that enhance situational awareness.
Flight Data Recorders
Crash recorders, including cockpit voice, data, datalink, and image recorders to meet the latest regulations.
Unmanned aircraft & space applications

Unmanned and small aircraft, helicopter & space applications

When airborne applications need to add functionality or implement a technology refresh program, the electronics payloads must match the new mission objectives. Often this requires a tradeoff in functionality. Curtiss-Wright customers work with our system experts to select and design solutions optimized for the platform and program requirements. Review these case studies and white papers to learn more about the applications:

Unmanned ground vehicles

Unmanned and mobile ground vehicle applications

Groundbreaking miniaturization of electronics subsystems enables UGV (unmanned ground vehicle) and light, mobile combat vehicles, as well as manned ground vehicle platforms to expand their mission capabilities. COTS-based solutions help to drive down costs associated with adding capabilities required for security, networking, and computing upgrades. Our expertise and experience help system integrators securely and affordably deploy digital network architectures for situational awareness and network-centric operations.

Unmanned surface and underwater vehicles

Unmanned & small surface and underwater vehicles

Unmanned surface vehicles (USV) and unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV) share critical mission, map, and sensor information during missions. Data must be captured, processed, transmitted, stored, and encrypted at low power for extended periods. Data storage for these missions is characterized by wideband interfaces, large capacity, assured quality of service, built-in encryption, and precision timing. Review some of our related case studies for more information:

USFF Systems for Computing and Networking Onboard eVTOL Aircraft Case Study

Autonomous & eVTOL industrial applications

eVTOL vehicles are extremely SWaP-sensitive. The weight of mechanical and electronic parts is significant because the lighter the platform is, the more payload it can carry. Lighter vehicles can therefore fly farther, longer, and faster. With a diverse product portfolio of solutions, Curtiss-Wright delivers COTS solutions from instrumentation to networking to keep programs on budget, on schedule, and with a very low operational Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF). Read some of the case studies on industrial applications: