Motion Control

motion control
Motion Control

High-Speed, High-Precision Motion Control Solutions

Bring new levels of stability and control to almost any military or industrial application with our selection of high-speed precision motion control systems. Built using a modular suite of rugged and field-proven components, every solution we deliver is engineered to meet your unique program performance and environmental requirements with unmatched levels of precision and reliability.

Turret Drive Stabilization System
Deploy the highest degree of motion control and stability available with a modular, upgradeable aiming and stabilization system.
Industrial Systems
Stabilize payloads in motion and improve food production quality with our unique motion control solutions for industrial applications.
Motion Controllers
Equip your precision drive systems with pre-engineered motion controllers for the most demanding linear and rotational dynamics and precision requirements.
Hand Controllers
Simplify the relationship between operator and machine with hand controls developed to meet the high demands of the military sector.
Ammunition Handling Systems
Improve firing performance while simplifying handling and increasing safety for crew members with automated ammunition handling and loading systems.
Electromechanical Actuation
Perform high-precision movements with flexible direct drive solutions designed for defense systems requiring robust and reliable drive technology.
Level-40 Test Benches
SRU & low power test bench and power & drive test bench.
High voltage turret drive stabilization system (HV TDSS) that is ideal for upgrading motion control systems intended for aiming and stabilizing turrets on mobile platforms.
LV-HV-DCC DC/DC Converter
High-voltage modular DC/DC converters with intelligent safety power management.

Defense Solutions Product Guide

Explore Curtiss-Wright's mission-critical solutions based on the latest technologies and open standards. From embedded computing, storage & recording, and networking & communications to flight test & monitoring, motion control, and video management, this Product Guide highlights our latest innovative solutions for aerospace and defense.


High-Speed, High-Precision Motion Control Solutions for Critical Defense Systems

See our full range of scalable solutions designed to control and stabilize defense systems.

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Explore Our Motion Control Systems Manufacturing Site

Our electromechanical drive systems for the industrial and defense industries are designed and manufactured in an EN9100:2018 certified manufacturing facility that is home to state-of-the-art technologies, features, and processes. Our virtual tour experience provides a close look at how our focus on quality, reliability, and environmental protection allows us to tackle more demanding terrain, reach higher speeds, and seize new opportunities.


Curtiss-Wright Drive Technology

This video discusses the creation of an electromechanical system that has to fulfill three requirements: move heavy materials, work precisely, and operate under high safety requirements.

Achieve Faster, More Precise Control of Mission-Critical Defense Systems

The number of complex defense systems that can benefit from a ruggedized, scalable motion control solution for greater control and increased stability is almost endless. Here are just seven.

Meet Local Content Requirements with Modular, Motion Control Solutions

For programs with local content requirements, partnering with a supplier that has a global presence and proven experience meeting regional requirements can give your proposal a competitive edge. This case study examines how one customer did just that for a major ground vehicle program.