XMC-554 Rugged NAND Flash solid-state drive
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The XMC-554C is a rugged, high-performance, reliable and power-efficient NAND flash solid state drive (SSD) solution. The XMC-554C does not have any moving parts, providing significantly lower power consumption and an order of magnitude improvement in reliability in environments with vibration and contaminants, compared to traditional rotating hard disk drives (HDD). Also important is the clear performance advantage, due to the lower latency and higher data transfer rates. This translates to enormous benefits in regular operating conditions and more critically, in high-risk combat environments.

Storage Characteristics

The XMC-554C provides two independent mSATA interfaces, one per “drive” providing 1 TB of MLC NAND flash.

Industry-standard NAND flash error-correcting code (ECC) is supported, as well as wear leveling and bad block management. The wear-leveling algorithm spreads the program/erase cycles evenly across the media, including the over provisioning sectors, avoiding premature device failure due to frequent data overwrites on the same data. The XMC-554C tracks the write/erase history of each flash block and will immediately retire blocks if the block fails during an erase or program operation, or if the wear cycle count exceeds the rated cycle count of the flash device.

Key Features

  • 1 TB total capacity
  • NAND flash (MLC and SLC)
  • ECC, wear leveling and bad block management
  • Boot drive support
  • SMART attributes supported
  • TRIM Support
  • Windows, Linux, and VxWorks support
  • PCI Express (PCIe) 2x Gen2
  • Conduction-cooled Level 200
  • Low power
  • Write protect



  • Data recording
  • Video recording
  • Mission data and map storage
  • Database and data logging
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XMC-554 Rugged NAND Flash solid-state drive
Download Data Sheet