Axon Data Acquisition Systems

Abstract data graphs
Abstract data graphs
Axon Data Acquisition Systems

Ultra-compact, scalable & reliable data acquisition

Our Axon family is the most advanced airborne data acquisition system available today, offering low size, weight, and power (SWaP) with the best feature set and performance on the market. The ultra-compact and lightweight data acquisition units (DAU) of the Axon family build on Curtiss-Wright’s heritage as a leading supplier of rugged reliable data acquisition and works with our other widely used DAU chassis.


The Axon family is made up of the Axon ADAU range, optimized for use with the TTC MnACQ DAUs and the Axon AXN, optimized for use with the Acra KAM-500 network-based DAUs. Axon ADAU/AXN support the same data formats and can be configured using the same setup software as the other Curtiss-Wright DAUs they are optimized for. Data between chassis can be synchronized easily over the IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) protocol.

Axon features include:

  • High data throughput (up to 380 Mbps per DAU) and dedicated high-speed link to each user module
  • Compact and flexible configurations, including remotely mounted modules, for simplified installation
  • Designed from the ground up for harsh environments for reliable operation in all conditions
  • Multiple modern time- and cost-saving functions, such as in-situ updating, faster pre-flight checks, and system health monitoring
  • High data quality and filtering options, including three output taps per channel on all analog modules and a choice of 10 different filter cutoff points (using FIR / IIR8 / IIR16 filtering)
  • Single 15V backplane power rail for improved efficiency
  • Support for multiple industry-standard formats
Data acquisition system optimized for use with the TTC nDAU, MnACQ, and MnHSD DAUs.
Axon AXN
Data acquisition system optimized to integrate with existing Acra KAM-500 hardware and software.

Axon ADAU Data Acquisition Unit (DAU) Product Family

For airborne applications where reliability and size, weight, and power (SWaP) are critical, the Curtiss-Wright Axon family of data acquisition units (DAU) are ready to take flight. Designed leveraging our decades of experience as a trusted, proven leader, ADAUs are future-proof, SWaP-optimized, and available in a variety of flexible configurations to meet your exact program requirements.

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Aerospace Instrumentation Brochure

Modern aerospace instrumentation systems can be highly complex, and it can be difficult to know how to meet program needs. It’s not unusual for requirements to change during a campaign and cause significant delays, and data must be captured reliably no matter what – otherwise expensive additional flights will be needed or months of program data could be lost. Read our brochure to learn how you can reduce your risk with commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions.

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Axon Quick Start Kit: How to Get Started

The Axon Quick Start Kit consists of fully qualified, released hardware and software. Watch our video to learn how to get started.

Miniaturizing Space COTS for Small Launcher Applications

The trends in the global space market have resulted in using smaller launchers to keep costs down and increase the frequency of launches. This creates a challenge for Development Flight Instrumentation (DFI) and Operational Flight Instrumentation (OFI) as the same functionality is required, but the package must be smaller. This white paper discusses the need for, and challenge of, compact space COTS systems for modern space applications, in particular for small launcher applications.