TTC CCP-2100 High-speed Camera Controller

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TTC CCP-2100 High-speed Camera Controller
Product Sheet
Product Sheet

The CCP-2100 is a multi-function camera control panel that can control up to 64 cameras.


  • Controls up to 64 distributed cameras through a camera network manager (nMGR-2000)
  • Allows the user to select up to 32 preprogrammed even groups
  • Alphanumeric display for status and configuration
  • Provides switches and buttons for controlling Power, Arm, Event Trigger, Download, Stop, and Apply changes on the camera system
  • Camera and Mode switch controls are available to fine-tune settings for cameras within an event
  • Provides LED indicator feedback for camera readiness and faults from the camera system nMGR-2000-1 Network Manager as well as textual information via the alphanumeric display
  • Provides 100BASE-T to the nMGR-2000 for camera control and status
  • Front panel dimmer control
  • Built-in website for device administration
  • Programmable using TTCWareTM
  • RS-422 PCM clock/data system status output



  • Flight test instrumentation
  • Camera control panel
  • High-speed camera network cockpit management
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TTC CCP-2100 High-speed Camera Controller

The TTC CCP-2100 is a multi-function camera control panel that can control up to 64 cameras. Camera setup can take place for an individual camera, for up to 32 event groups of cameras, or for all cameras. Up to 32 preprogrammed different event groups can be selected by using the Event button. The CCP-2100 unit provides switches and buttons for controlling power, event trigger, download, stop, apply, and arm on the camera system. It also provides LED indicator feedback for camera readiness and faults from the camera nMGR-2000-1 Network Manager. The CCP-2100 has a front panel character-based display that provides system status and control feedback to the user.

The CCP-2100 has an IRIG-106 Chapter 4 PCM fixed format frame generator that provides PCM clock and data to an external PCM decommutator. This data includes camera system real-time status that can be recorded for post-flight analysis or transmitted for ground-based real-time monitoring. Two isolated discrete active low outputs and two non-isolated discrete inputs are provided. The CCP-2100 can be configured over 10/100BASE-T Ethernet or by using the RS-232 / RS-422 serial port.

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