Space Data Handling

Space Data Handling

Reduce costs, development time, and risk by using a COTS approach

Engineered for harsh environments

Curtiss-Wright helps reduce costs, development time, and risk by using a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) approach that utilizes an extensive library of proven IP and decades of rugged system design experience. Our designers optimize systems for low cost of ownership based on a customer’s application and the procurement life of the platform. The Curtiss-Wright Space COTS versatility has been fully proven – no other COTS system has been qualified and used successfully in such a wide variety of space missions for both Development Flight Instrumentation (DFI) and Operational Flight Instrumentation (OFI) requirements.



• Networking for multi-stage launchers
• Data acquisition in extreme vibration environments
• Video capture, telemetry, and mission processing
• Integrated ruggedized recording available for reusable booster monitoring

IXV test vehicle  
Spaceplanes and Re-entry Vehicles

• Mission-critical re-entry data handling and recording
• Video capture and telemetry
• Blackout data buffering
• Latch–up tolerance

The international space station  
ISS Data Acquisition / Low Earth Orbit Platforms

• Microgravity acceleration measurement
• Onboard health monitoring
• Experiment/payload supervision
• Data recording and networking solutions

Successful COTS Solution for Space Vehicle Onboard Recording & Audio Handling

A space vehicle designer was looking for a data acquisition solution that could collect all of the data from the onboard computers. Given that the vehicle was designed for applications such as resupplying the international space station, it was necessary that the equipment important for the mission met stringent reliability requirements, including predictable operation in a low earth orbit (LEO) radiation environment. Learn how using a flexible, modular system with an established library of modules allowed for the rapid development of a suitable system with unforeseen additional system enhancements.


Space Systems Brochure

Curtiss-Wright has been the trusted supplier on a wide range of missions and with leading space organizations around the world. Our heritage includes proven success on a variety of launcher, sub-orbital, re-entry, and International Space Station (ISS) applications. Dedicated in-house space engineering and product assurance teams ensure the delivered hardware and documentation meet the space-customer requirements.

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Radiation Testing of COTS Data Acquisition Electronics for Space Applications

The use of COTS equipment for space applications is increasing in popularity. As the usage of COTS equipment extends into mission-critical functions, the risks posed by the space radiation environment need to be understood and mitigated. This paper discusses the approach used to characterize existing COTS data acquisition electronics for the LEO space radiation environment through high-energy proton testing at the PCB level.

Miniaturizing Space COTS for Small Launcher Applications

One trend in the global space market involves using smaller launchers to keep costs down and increase the frequency of launches. This creates a challenge for development flight instrumentation (DFI) and operational flight instrumentation (OFI) as the same functionality is required, but the package must be smaller. This white paper discusses the need for, and challenge of, compact space COTS systems for modern space applications, in particular for small launcher applications.


Space Launchers Brochure

Curtiss-Wright provides COTS solutions for launcher development and flight instrumentation systems. Our equipment has flown on or been selected to fly on several launcher platforms, including those from SpaceX, ULA, ESA, and Rocketlab.

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The Broadest Range of Solutions for Space Applications on the Market
Space COTS Data Acquisition
Combining COTS with a space-qualified approach can result in significant savings that can meet the needs of the mission.
Radiation-Tolerant Space Data Acquisition
Space CTOS with a radiation-hardened backplane and specialized protection circuitry allows the use of COTS modules in a radiation-intensive environment without the typically high costs of fully radiation-hardened systems.