CoreAVI and Curtiss-Wright

Curtiss-Wright and CoreAVI partnership
CoreAVI and Curtiss-Wright

Ideally suited for real-time operating systems with graphics, longevity of supply and/or safety certifiability

Curtiss-Wright and CoreAVI partner to provide the defense and aerospace embedded COTS market with industry-leading graphics processor cards and software drivers. Curtiss-Wright and CoreAVI integrated solutions are ideally suited for applications requiring real-time operating systems with high-performance graphics, longevity of supply and/or safety certifiability.


  • Pre-integrated and validated Curtiss-Wright graphics cards with CoreAVI embedded graphics, compute, and video software drivers, including Vulkan graphics and compute drivers, OpenGL SC 1.0.1, OpenGL SC 2.0, OpenGL ES 2.0, and H.264/H.265 MPEG video encode and decode on a wide range of real-time operating systems
  • Support for CoreAVI TrueCore GPU safety monitor for avionics DO-254/ED-80 DAL-A GPU certification
  • Support for FAA RTCA DO-178C/EASA ED-12C driver certification packages, up to and including DAL-A, on DO-254 safety certifiable hardware
  • Support for CoreAVI HyperCore graphics hypervisor GPU manager
  • Simplified hardware and software procurement, long lifecycle product support, and technical support through Curtiss-Wright as a single point of contact
  • All at the lowest cost
FACE-based digital cockpit flight display demonstration

Digital Cockpit Flight Display Demonstration Showing a Complete FACE™ Solution

Wind River, Ansys, CoreAVI, Curtiss-Wright and RTI have collaborated to create a solution stack that enables a digital cockpit flight display with touchscreen capabilities for a FACE solution. FACE is an open standard that is required by defense systems to provide a standard for interface interoperability.

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CoreAVI is the global leader in architecting and delivering safety-critical graphics and compute software drivers and libraries, embedded “system on chip” and discrete graphics processor components, and certifiable platform hardware IP. CoreAVI’s comprehensive software suite enables development and deployment of complete safety-critical solutions for automotive, industrial, and aerospace applications requiring certification to the highest integrity levels coupled with full lifecycle support. CoreAVI’s solutions support both graphics and compute applications, including safe autonomy, machine vision and AI in the automotive, unmanned vehicle, and industrial IoT markets, and commercial and military avionics systems.