Data Recording Applications

Storage & Recording
Data Recording Applications

Proven Storage, Network Attached Storage, Cockpit Voice and Flight Data Recorders

Leverage our deep domain expertise and long heritage of designing and manufacturing rugged, SWaP-efficient drives, network-attached storage (NAS), cockpit voice, and flight data recorders to secure and retain your critical data. Curtiss-Wright storage solutions record a variety of data formats and range from miniature avionics bus recorders to high-speed, high-capacity devices with customizable interfaces. Each recorder adheres to the latest standards, features solid-state media, and includes tightly integrated replay and analysis software.


Our data storage and recorders feature removable cassettes and optional NIAP common criteria (CC) certified 2-Layer and NSA Type 1 encryption for specific missions. Flight recorders are qualified under MIL-STD and DO-160 environmental standards, including EUROCAE ED-112, for crash protection and have options for data encryption.


Tank in action  
Cutting-Edge Video Recording Solutions

Capture video information in the harshest environments

AWACS aircraft  
Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)

Encrypted turnkey high-bandwidth network-attached storage for ISR

Rotorcraft in a city  
Flight Recording

Curtiss-Wright has been a leading designer of proven cockpit voice and flight data recorders for over 60 years.

Aircraft Monitoring and Sustainment

Engineered to gather valuable information

Data-At-Rest (DAR) Encryption

Today’s defense and aerospace platforms are required to protect critical data-at-rest (DAR) from unauthorized access. Curtiss-Wright offers cost-effective, proven, and certified commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) storage solutions that match various data security requirements, including National Security Agency (NSA) Type 1, NSA Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC), Common Criteria (CC), and FIPS 140-2. 

White Paper: High-Speed Data Recording Insights for the Military Embedded Industry

With the advent of high-speed networks, such as 40GbE and faster, it is essential to change the approach of how network data is recorded and stored while utilizing the total throughput of the available link.

Curtiss-Wright conducted a comprehensive feasibility study of different data recording technologies and performed extensive testing of various protocols. This paper introduces the results of those tests and then presents the comparative data.


Reduce Program Costs with Curtiss-Wright System Solutions

Curtiss-Wright delivers complete system of systems integration and support services that reduce interoperability risks, lowers program costs and accelerates time to market. Our system solutions range from air data computers, to data recording and storage systems, networking and communications, mission computers, and video management systems.

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Modules & Drives
Rugged SATA drives are designed to incorporate solid state media in embedded computing solutions for a wide range of applications.
Network Attached Storage & Recorders
High-capacity NAS solutions designed to protect data-at-rest with NIAP Common Criteria and NSA Type 1 encryption.
Test & Monitoring Solutions
Industry-leading, rugged, stand-alone solid-state recorders are ideal for storing data from various sources such as data acquisition systems and onboard avionics.
Flight Recorders
Compact, lightweight cockpit voice and flight data recorders designed to meet all current and anticipated regulations.
Video Management
SWaP-optimized video recording designed for capturing video in demanding environments and delivering industry-leading, broadcast-quality H.264 recording onto CompactFlash cards.

Addressing Safety and Maintenance Concerns by Combining Flight Recording and Usage Monitoring into a Single Device

Aircraft often have safety concerns that can, or in many cases must be addressed with a suitable crash-protected recording solution. Flight recorders can meet these needs, but the introduction of new regulations may mean existing solutions no longer meet the requirements. Other aircraft OEMs and operators find they lack a recording solution with the functionality to help address high maintenance costs. Curtiss-Wright has been designing flight recorders for over 60 years. Fortress, our latest product line, meets all current and anticipated regulations, including ED-112A and 25-hour voice / datalink recording. Additionally, it is a highly flexible platform with the ability to collect and process custom data sets for various applications including maintenance operations.

Modern, High-Speed FTI Recorder and Switch Requirements and Use Cases

Flight test instrumentation (FTI) architectures are increasingly migrating to airborne “network” systems, comprised of distributed sub-systems of data acquisition, processing, and recorders. One result is that the network switches forming the network switch fabric for these architectures become more critical, as do the FTI recorders that must acquire large amounts of data from different data sources in formats suitable for ground processing. This white paper discusses the factors influencing switch and recorder unit design for a distributed FTI system and a single recorder alternative.