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The programmable FTR-200 is a miniature airborne flight termination receiver and tone decoder for flight termination system applications that utilized tone-based command messaging. FTR-200 provides a highly sensitive superheterodyne RF receiver whose center frequency is programmable. The versatile tone decoder can be programmed to decode 3 or 4 tone sequences, as well as the tone frequencies, and provides command outputs for flight termination devices. The FTR-200 can be enabled for full fail-safe operation, including programmable loss of tone duration. The FTR-200 is provided in a ruggedized 3.7 cubic inch packaging.


  • Airborne flight termination receiver
  • Sensitive RF receiver
    • 420MHz to 450MHz range
    • Programmable RF center frequency
    • -107dBm to +13dBm dynamic range
  • Programmable decoder tone frequencies
  • 3 or 4 command tone decoder - Programmable
  • Rugged miniature airborne packaging (3.7 in3)
  • Full failsafe operation
  • 4 command outputs based on decoded tones
  • Output tone monitors for each individual tone
  • Receiver signal strength output (SSTO)
  • All solid-state design (No tunable elements)
  • Standard range safety logic
  • 22VDC to 36VDC input voltage range



  • Flight termination systems
  • RCC-319-10 compliant
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