Cisco Technology

Cisco Technology
Cisco Technology

Defining Today’s Networking Standards and Protocols Used by Ethernet Switches and Routers

When it comes to computer networking, Cisco technology is considered the industry standard. Cisco is credited for defining many of today’s networking standards and protocols used by modern Ethernet switches and routers. Cisco has also developed a range of embedded routing and switching products that Curtiss-Wright, as a Cisco Solution Technology Integrator (STI) partner, integrates into rugged subsystems to add robust networking, communications, and security capabilities. These Cisco-based solutions enable government and civilian organizations to extend network connectivity to people, vehicles, aircraft, and sensors at the extreme network edge.

Security of Data-in-Motion

Military mission system data can be vulnerable to attack if not properly secured. As data travels through an Ethernet network, it can potentially fall into the wrong hands. This is as true for network data at a forward operating base as it is for local networks on board vehicles and aircraft, both manned and unmanned.

The Benefits of Curtiss-Wright’s Cisco Technology-Based Solutions Include:

  • Familiar Cisco IOS software interface, minimizing training requirements
  • Field-proven routing and switching capabilities
  • Ruggedized hardware/software optimized for harsh operating environments
  • Optimization for wireless and mobile environments
  • Support for remote voice communications
  • Many performance, security, and connectivity options
  • Optimized for low size, weight and power (SWaP)


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Curtiss-Wright integrates and ruggedizes Cisco Ethernet switch and router technologies with special mechanical and electrical enhancements to enable Cisco IOS managed data, video, and voice services to be deployed in extreme temperatures, shock, vibration, and humidity environments. Qualified through MIL-STD, DO-160, and/or other relevant compliance tests, these Cisco-based solutions enable government and civilian services to reliably deploy the latest Cisco networking technologies at the tactical edge while still meeting stringent environmental compliance standards. Users also benefit from reduced maintenance overhead due to the ubiquitous nature of the Cisco IOS network management software and large installed base of Cisco IOS trained support staff.