Motion Controllers

Motion controllers
Motion controllers
Motion Controllers

Pre-engineered for the unique needs of defense applications

Motion control systems for defense applications must be two things - accurate and reliable. As the brains of these systems, motion controllers are responsible for ensuring all other system components are just that, no matter the conditions. Engineered to meet the needs of precision drive systems for defense applications, Curtiss-Wright's line of motion controllers are designed for the most demanding linear and rotational dynamics and precision requirements.

Small Form Factor Motion Controllers
Deliver superior performance in a compact package.
Motor Controllers
Achieve extreme precision and demanding dynamics

High-Speed, High-Precision Motion Control Solutions for Critical Defense Systems

See our full range of scalable solutions designed to control and stabilize defense systems.

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Turret Control and Stabilization

Curtiss-Wright motion controllers are ideal for several controlled motion applications, particularly those requiring high-precision in harsh environmental conditions. Tank turret stabilization systems are an example of such an application. In addition to motion controllers, these systems typically include some combination of linear and/or rotary gear drives, single- and dual-axis gyroscopes, hand controllers, and integrated software.   

Nano motion controllers optimize power and size

As the demand for smaller system components grows, motion controllers must meet the dynamic requirements of critical defense applications and occupy less space than ever before. The benefits of nano motion controllers are many, choosing a pre-engineered solution can be even better.