TDL Mission Software and Hardware

TDL Mission Software and Hardware
TDL Mission Software and Hardware
TDL Mission Software and Hardware

Enhance your tactical data link communications

Warfighters need reliable and advanced tactical data link support in the field to increase mission effectiveness, optimize performance, and enhance situational awareness. Curtiss-Wright offers a range of solutions to ensure your battlefield tactical data link applications are configured and managed with ease so you can focus on mission success.

TCG GTS Ground Tactical Data Link System
An affordable and combat proven TDL solution with comprehensive situational awareness (SA), command and control (C2) and non-C2 data link capabilities.
TCG Adaptable Tactical Data Link Router (ATR)
Provides a standards-compliant adapter and routing device for on-demand dynamic connectivity of multiple Link 16 protocol network interfaces.
TCG LinkPRO TDL Software
Improves tactical communications by alleviating interoperability issues while reducing development time, risk, and expense of TDL integration.
TCG HUNTR TDL Hub and Network Translator
Provides battlefield operators a simplified, fast, and intuitive translation solution for multiple TDLs. It is compatible with multiple platforms, seamlessly translating and routing data link assets.

The Only Combined TDL Training and Battlefield Solution

TCG GTS is the only system that provides TDL training and simulation, as well as battlefield situational awareness and command-and-control capabilities in a single, moveable system.

TDL Translation Made Easy

With so many different TDL types in use on the modern battlefield, an intelligent, automated, intuitive, mission-oriented TDL Gateway is required.