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Fortress OEM
Product Sheet
Product Sheet

Fortress OEM provides a flexible aircraft flight recording solution supporting parametric flight data, 4 channels of cockpit voice recording and CPDLC recording for up to 25 hours each and image recording for 2 hours minimum.


  • Combined voice, data, datalink, and image recording (stand-alone options available)
  • ED-112A compliant
  • Designed to meet current regulations
  • Compact and lightweight – 8.1 lb (3.7 kg)
  • Webserver for fast & free data download
  • Approval to ETSO-C123c, C124c, C176a, C177a
  • 90-day Ultrasonic Locator Beacon to TSO-C121b
  • Expansion slot for 3rd party application card


  • Crash protected recording
  • Data storage for other applications including
    • Aircraft performance monitoring
    • Engine condition trend monitoring
    • Health and Usage Monitoring
    • Encrypted recording system
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Fortress OEM

Recorders are built to meet the latest regulations and are often designed with any upcoming changes in mind. To ensure they meet the requirements of new and old aircraft, some modifications may be required, or additional data formatting hardware used.

Fortress OEM provides an aircraft recording solution supporting custom data acquisition as well as parametric flight data, 4 channels of cockpit voice recording and CPDLC recording for up to 25 hours each, and image recording for 2 hours minimum. Through the provision of an expansion slot with internal interface to the Fortress processor card, Fortress OEM can be adapted to support different interface and functional requirements. One such example is the inclusion of Health and Usage Monitoring capability in the Fortress HUMS. Other examples include data/audio encryption capability and different bus interface support.

Fortress OEM is designed in accordance with RTCA/DO-178C and RTCA/DO-254. It meets all current FAA and EUROCAE requirements and has a 90 day ultrasonic locator beacon (ULB), certified to TSO-C121b.

Fortress OEM attaches directly to an airframe to eliminate the need for heavy mounts and easily integrates with other systems to provide additional functionality such as

  • High speed (<45 seconds) and license free flight data download at the gate via a Gigabit Ethernet link
  • Reachback capability for FOQA/FDM/FDAP Aircraft Performance and Engine Condition Trend monitoring programs
  • Health and Usage Monitoring
  • Integrated Data Acquisition
  • Encrypted recording

The Fortress OEM is supported by dedicated Recorder Independent Power Supply, Cockpit Area Microphone, Cockpit Area Camera and Cockpit Control Unit. Variants of the Cockpit Control Unit support dual recorder installations, enabling data and image distribution to two installed Fortress OEM recorders.


Fortress Flight Recorders Brochure

Curtiss-Wright has been designing flight recorders for over 60 years. Fortress, our latest product line, meets all current and anticipated regulations, including ED-112A and 25-hour voice/datalink recording. Additionally, it is a highly flexible platform with the ability to collect and process custom data sets for various applications including maintenance operations.

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