TTC nREC-7000

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The nREC-7000 is a high-speed network recorder for use with Flight Test Data Acquisition and Multiplexing units. The nREC-7000 accepts data for recording on two 10GBASE-SR ports and two 1000BASE-T ports that can store data at sustained speeds of up to 1,000 MBps per 10GbE port. The recorder is also capable of acquiring, formatting (using PCAP, DARv3 or IRIG-106 Chapter 10/11), and recording 10GBASE-SR Ethernet at line rate. The second 10GBASE-SR port can be used as an acquisition or mirror port from the primary 10GBASE-SR port.

The nREC-7000 provides simultaneous data recording of multiple formats, such as DARv3, PCAP, IRIG-106 Chapter 10/11, and NFS. Chapter 10/11 data can be acquired from an external multiplexer using Chapter 10/11 UTH v2, and/or internally generated Chapter 10/11 from the 10GBASE-SR input port(s).

All Ethernet ports support IEEE-1588 v1/v2 time. The nREC-7000 also accepts IRIG-B AC/DC time. The recorder houses two hot-swappable cartridges with multiple Solid State Drives (SSD) per cartridge (sold separately). User can select that each SSD records to a different data format, or concatenate multiple SSDs for a larger recording volume. The RMM-70XXC cartridge is available with different storage capacity. Current Removable Memory Module (RMM) are available at 3 TB or 6 TB storage.

The nREC-7000 is cockpit mountable using standard DZUS rail (nREC-7000Z) or standard base plate flange mounting (nREC-7000). Recorder control and status is achieved using RS-232/422, GbE port, or discrete signals.

The nREC-7000 accepts +28VDC power and uses MIL-38999 connectors for general I/O. The nREC-7000 is MIL-STD-461-compliant. The recorder is compatible with IP, TCP, UDP and SNMP protocols.

2019 MAE Innovators Silver Award Winner - read more

  • High speed data recording
    • Up to 1800 MBps of sustained data recording
    • 10G Acquisition and recording at full line rate
  • Record multiple data formats simultaneously
    • DARv3, IRIG-106 Chapter 10/11, IRIG-106 TmNS, PCAP
  • Supported File Systems
    • STANAG-4575 or ext4
  • Data ports
    • Two 10GBASE-SR ports with IEEE1588 v1/v2
    • Two 1000BASE-T ports with IEEE1588 v1/v2
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