Industrial Systems

Industrial systems
Industrial systems
Industrial Systems

Purpose-built systems for industrial applications

Our scalable motion control systems are developed and manufactured for complex and demanding applications. Every system we deliver is tailored to meet the specific technical and environmental requirements of each application. Whether you are looking to stabilize a train car, a camera crane, an amusement park ride, or optimize fluid processing on the production floor, the challenges we can address are almost endless.

Train Tilting Systems
Increase safety and comfort on high-speed public transportation.
High Viscosity Pumping
Find a better flow with extreme precision at high pressure.

Stabilize Payloads in Motion

Whether on the ground or in the air, you can stabilize payloads in motion with rugged, high-precision, and fully configurable motion control systems. Explore our scalable motion control systems developed and manufactured for complex and demanding industrial applications.

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Curtiss-Wright Drive Technology

This video discusses the creation of an electromechanical system that has to fulfill three requirements: move heavy materials, work precisely, and operate under high safety requirements.

Delivering ruggedized solutions with trusted and proven reliability

Curtiss-Wright goes well beyond standard industry processes to deliver ruggedized solutions with trusted and proven reliability that cannot be matched in the industry. And we use the insight gained through our advanced reliability analysis and testing to continuously optimize designs and further improve reliability. We start testing for failures in the earliest stages of development and continue throughout the manufacturing process. To ensure our technology doesn’t fail in the field, we push products to the point of failure in the lab.

Bring new stability to payloads in motion

The challenges our high-precision motion control systems can address are almost endless. Every system is adapted and configured for the application's unique program, technical, and environmental requirements. Learn how we get you exactly what you need.