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Setting up data acquisition systems can take a lot of time and effort, particularly as many systems today are growing larger and larger. Managing thousands of channels of data over dozens of data acquisition units, generating data frames for transmission, managing pre-flight checks, and so forth, can become a serious time drain and an easy source for errors.

DAS Studio 3 software suite simplifies and speeds the process of setting up data acquisition for complex FTI, space data handling, and aircraft usage monitoring applications. The software provides a single solution for intuitively configuring DAUs, recorders, switches, and ground-station equipment.

The software is optimized for multi-core platforms with multi-threaded architecture and parallel processing. High performance means that system validation and programming occurs in minutes or even seconds. The user interface is simple and easy to learn with data-rich tables and a consistent look that cuts through the complexity of configuring a data acquisition system.

Using integrated tools such as Discover, Status, Verify and Program, DAS Studio 3.4 intuitively leads flight test engineers through the configuration process. The software enables any configuration errors to be detected early in the configuration process and displayed clearly. It includes automated tools and wizards that enable users to quickly and easily perform otherwise time-consuming tasks such as hardware discovery, frame building, bridge balancing, and pre-flight checks. DAS Studio 3.4 also provides integrated tools for validation, status, programming, and Quicklook.

It has several value-added features such as:

  • Support for powerful “Smart Placement” of parameters for Inter-Range Instrumentation Group (IRIG)-106 Chapter 4 PCM.
  • TimeSeeder: Sets the time in modules with clocks
  • Transmission Assistant: Used to build frames for transmission
  • PCM Discrete Parameter Builder: Saves bandwidth by holding sections of several other parameters
  • Power Calculator: Shows a breakdown of power usage in a chassis
  • Serial Number Synchronizer: Verifies and updates the configuration's serial numbers from the hardware



  • Discovers, configures, manages, and programs data acquisition units (DAUs), recorders, switches, ground station boards, and third party equipment
  • Functionality can be extended through external plug-in applications
  • Supports the open metadata standard


  • Flight Test Instrumentation (FTI)
  • Aircraft monitoring
  • Flight data acquisition for flight recorders
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DAS Studio 3 Setup Software

Download Data Sheet