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The RCVR-210-S combines the functions of PCM/FM and SOQPSK telemetry receiver and PCM bit synchronizer (bit sync) into a single low-cost PCMCIA type II card. The card can be installed in a portable PC-compatible platform for preflight or lab test. The RCVR-210-S receives and demodulates PCM SOQPSK/FM signals at L or S band (customer specified at time of order). The RF input is supplied by an external antenna (supplied) or SMA connector. The demodulated PCM data is supplied directly to the on-card bit sync. The bit sync provides full-featured clock reconstruction, data recovery, and code conversion at rates of up to 20 Mbps for NRZ codes and up to 5 Mbps for BiØ codes. TTL and RS-422 compatible PCM data and 0°/180° (selectable) clock outputs are supplied. A Bit Error Rate (BER) measurement capability with an on-card test data simulator is also provided.


Key Features

  • PCMCIA-based SOQPSK PCM/FM Receiver/Bit Synchronizer
  • Receiver:
    • L-Band or S-Band Input 
    • 250 kHz Tuning Resolution 
    • Better than 12 dB Noise Figure 
    • Greater than 50 dB Dynamic Range 
    • Provides RSSI Output 
  • Bit Sync: 
    • Bit Rates up to 20 Mbps, SOQPSK/NRZ Codes; 10 Mbps PCM/FM NRZ Codes; 5 Mbps PCM/FM Bi-Phase Codes
    • Accepts all IRIG-106 PCM Inputs
    • Provides all IRIG-106 PCM Data Outputs with Coherent Clock
    • Onboard Bit Error Rate Detector and Test Data Simulator
    • Includes Clock Sync Indication
  • Low Power 3.3VDC Operation
  • Windows Compatible Setup Software Included
  • Works with the DBS-120PC (Bit Sync/Decom), PSU-2020 (Portable Support Unit), and TTCWare/TTCVision


  • Ground Support Equipment
  • Pre-flight Checkout
  • Telemetry Workstation
  • Real-time Quick-Look Station
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