TDL Training Tools and Services

TDL Training Tools and Services
TDL Training Tools and Services
TDL Training Tools and Services

Minimize training time with intuitive tactical data link tools and approaches

To prepare for the threats of the battlefield, warfighters must be familiar with what they will encounter. With extensive experience in tactical data link training and technology, Curtiss-Wright has the tools and expertise to provide your organization with solutions that facilitate tactical data link communication on the battlefield. Develop realistic testing and training scenarios with intuitive tools for TDL simulation and count on our expert team to provide a variety of comprehensive training programs.

TCG GTS Ground Tactical Data Link System
An affordable and combat proven TDL solution with comprehensive situational awareness (SA), command and control (C2) and non-C2 data link capabilities.
TCG Terminal Housing MID JTRS & MIDS LVT
Provides a tactical edge to warfighters with a mobile, compact, and affordable terminal housing case equipped with the technology to meet Link 16 communication requirements and supply your program with a complete tactical data link solution.
TDL Testing and Training
Ranges from exercise support, to special studies and analyses, to assistance with testing TDL implementation in weapon systems to ensure interoperability and compliance with military standards.

The Only Combined TDL Training and Battlefield Solution

TCG GTS is the only system that provides TDL training and simulation, as well as battlefield situational awareness and command-and-control capabilities in a single, moveable system.

TDL Translation Made Easy

With so many different TDL types in use on the modern battlefield, an intelligent, automated, intuitive, mission-oriented TDL Gateway is required.