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Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions, a division of Curtiss-Wright, is an industry-leading supplier of sophisticated electronics products. We are recognized as one of the most innovative designers and manufacturers of highly engineered systems built to perform reliably in harsh conditions. With design and manufacturing facilities located across North America and Europe, and sales and support teams located around the globe, we are uniquely positioned to satisfy the most demanding engineering challenges.


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DuraDBH-672 Digital Beachhead GbE Switch and Vehicle Processor System The DuraDBH-672 Digital Beachhead Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) is capable of hosting VICTORY services software and an integrated military GPS receiver. MORE> OpenHPEC Software Development Tools OpenHPEC provides HPEC system integrators with access to open architecture APIs & tools to ease & improve the design & verification of multi-node systems while improving time-to-deployment. MORE> Aiming and Stabilization Systems The Turret Drive Servo System (TDSS) is a modular, scalable aiming and stabilization system that equips troops in the field with the most precise and reliable turret control available for extreme terrain. MORE> Watch the Video Management Systems Advantages Video Watch Curtiss-Wright's Video Management System (VMS) video to learn more about these complete surveillance solutions functionality in rotary and fixed wing aircraft. MORE> VPX Processor Cards Data and signal processing continues requiring increased performance with lower power and high performance I/O. Curtiss-Wright addresses these demands through full line of VPX processor cards. MORE> Underwater Sensor Handling A field proven range of cable handling systems developed for naval applications, supporting a range of depth requirements and vessel sizes. MORE> Parvus MCOTS Mission Systems Modified COTS(MCOTS) modular, open-architecture-based mission computers can be tailored to meet your requirements, often without traditional NRE fees and in a number of weeks. MORE> Network Attached Storage Encrypted Network Attached Storage (NAS) products are rugged storage subsystems utilizing solid state media that provide file services on an Ethernet network for a range of defense and aerospace applications. MORE> RVG-SDI Crossbar Video Switch New Small Form Factor 3G-SDI Video Switch Eases the Distribution of Video on Ground and Airborne Platforms MORE> ESCADU Air Data Computer The Enhanced Software Configurable Air Data Unit (ESCADU) air data computer holds 15 configurations for 15 different aircraft in one unit. MORE> Enhanced Performance with Intel Xeon D Intel's Xeon D processor with up to 16 cores and AVX2 is a "game changer" for embedded defense applications. MORE>

Application Highlights


Reducing Complex Integration Efforts with SWAP-C Optimized Video Switching This white paper discusses how small form factor Video Management Solutions allow... MORE> Dissecting Rugged Development of COTS FPGA Hardware This white paper discusses the challenges FPGA modules carry and how best to meet... MORE> Overcoming the Challenges of DO-254 Certification in Multi-core COTS Modules How can COTS modules meet the mandatory safety certification requirements? We... MORE> Pervasive Coverage of the Electromagnetic Spectrum with a Next Generation COMINT/ELINT Signal Analysis Methodology, the All-to-All Architecture In this white paper, we explore how technological advances in multi-channel signal... MORE> TrustedCOTS: Leading the Way to Secure Systems This white paper, outlines at a high level the capabilities being developed by... MORE> Upgrade Airborne Radar within Power, Cost & Temp Constraints To remain competitive, a Curtiss-Wright customer needed to upgrade an existing... MORE> Jumping the Hurdles: Designing Highly Effective Embedded Graphics Solutions for the Aerospace and Defense Industry This white paper details the roadblocks integrators face while designing... MORE> Degraded Visual Environment (DVE): Uncovering the Invisible Using a Degraded Visual Environment (DVE) system enables aircraft pilots to... MORE> The Killer App – Combining Embedded Processors, FPGAs and Smart Software This conference paper describes the benefits of using a mixture of both FPGA and... MORE> Using Software Defined Radio for Faster Speeds and Increased Bandwidth This white paper outlines the evolution of existing architectures, comparing them... MORE> Mezzanine Processors: Lighten your Single Board Computer Footprint to Zero This white paper examines the benefits of mezzanine processors, and illustrates... MORE> Flight Recorder Delivers SWaP-C Benefits for Legacy Avionics Systems An aircraft operator sought a replacement Accident Data Recorder that would... MORE>


The Evolution of Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog Technology Recently, analog to digital and digital to analog technology has been marked by... MORE> Debugging nightmares: How many of these common debugging mistakes are keeping you up at night? Software bug nightmares - how many of these sleepless debugging sessions could be... MORE> Dissecting All-to-All Architecture: the ultimate COMINT/ELINT signal analysis methodology All-to-All Architecture - explore how technological advances in multi-channel... MORE> How to Integrate Multiple Board Level Products With Ease Light integration is the concept of working with a third-party vendor to help you... MORE> Making Ethernet Work for Real-Time Systems Building a real-time network takes more than just features in the switch –... MORE> Upgrading to a Glass Cockpit – How Do You Get All Those Systems Working now? Glass cockpit displays rely on computerized systems that integrate multiple data... MORE> FPGAs vs. CPU: What’s best for data acquisition? CPUs and FPGAs are the traditional workhorse technologies employed in Data... MORE> Combatting Sample Clock Jitter with Signal to Noise Ratio in a New World of High Resolution Data Converters Jitter is a noise source that’s becoming increasingly more important to limit.... MORE> How Intel Xeon D can boost compute power AND solve sensor fusion challenges The combination of Intel Xeon D chips and Curtiss-Wright CHAMP-XD boards... MORE> High end software defined radio: getting closer to the ideal Software-defined radio is by no means a new concept, but as technological... MORE> What COTS needs for viable onboard data handling? Addressing environmental and operational issues for data acquisition systems... MORE> Taking care of your aging aircraft New Fibre Channel (FC) disks are no longer available and every new system includes... MORE>
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