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Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions, a division of Curtiss-Wright, is an industry-leading supplier of sophisticated electronics products. We are recognized around the world as one of the most innovative designers and manufacturers of highly engineered systems built to perform reliably in harsh conditions. We continue to lead the way in developing and marketing advanced solutions that address the rapidly evolving requirements of aerospace, defense and industrial customers.

With design and manufacturing facilities located across North America and Europe, and sales and support teams located around the globe, we are uniquely positioned to satisfy the most demanding electronics, packaging and systems challenges.


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Secure Your Critical Data Network Attached Storage systems offer scalable storage, flexible I/O and data encryption for your critical data-at-rest network applications. MORE> Enhanced Performance with Intel Xeon D Intel's Xeon D processor with up to 16 cores and AVX2 is a "game changer" for embedded defense applications. MORE> VICTORY Switching & Vehicle Management The DBH-670 Digital Beachhead combines an VICTORY Ethernet switch with a powerful Vehicle Management Computer to provide essential network services to ground vehicles. MORE> DO-254/178B Safety Certifiable COTS Boards Pre-qualified and artifact supplied COTS graphics, I/O and SBC modules reduce costs and development risk to system integrators and designers of safety certifiable systems. MORE> Breathe New Life & Increased Performance Industry leading range of processor cards with Intel, Power Architecture and ARM-based Single Board Computers in 3U, 6U or XMC form factors MORE> Embedded Systems Tailored to Your Program Our unmatched systems capabilities ensure the success of your program’s system design, development and integration. MORE> Achieve Supercomputing Performance HPEC systems deliver supercomputing performance optimized for harsh military environments. MORE> Display Your 2D/3D Graphics Designed for harsh environments, rugged graphics processor cards in VPX and XMC form factors enable rapid display of 2D/3D graphics to any embedded system. MORE> Ultra Small Form Factor ARM Mission Computing 75% smaller than traditional mission computers, the new miniature Parvus DuraCOR 310 features quad-core NXP i.MX6 ARM processing and low power consumption. MORE> Aiming and Stabilization Systems The Turret Drive Servo System (TDSS) is a modular, scalable aiming and stabilization system that equips troops in the field with the most precise and reliable turret control available for extreme terrain. MORE> Flexibility, Scalability and Reliability The lightweight, compact AXON Data Acquisition Unit provides FTI engineers with unprecedented flexibility, scalability and reliability while reducing volume by 55%. MORE> Single Operator Helicopter Handling Innovative Manual Aircraft Straighten and Traverse (MAST) system provides a safe, secure method of maneuvering and traversing helicopters onboard space-constrained ships MORE>

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Radar System Verification with Data Recorder and Playback System A maritime combat vessel required a multi-channel GbE and sFPDP, high speed data... MORE> The Challenges of Data Acquisition in Harsh Remote Places Today, data acquisition chassis need to be mounted in locations that are small,... MORE> Wireless Data Acquisition in Flight Test Networks The use of wireless data networks is ubiquitous in the consumer world and some of... MORE> ISR Pod Upgrade Enables Storage and Network Access of Fibre Channel Data The upgrade of a fixed wing ISR pod with a data recorder capable of storing Fibre... MORE> 6U to 3U Migration This white paper discusses the factors driving trends in moving from 6U rugged... MORE> Health Monitoring for Light Combat Aircraft Operators of a Light Combat Aircraft fleet wanted a simple, rapidly developed and... MORE> Optimizing Air Data Computers for Rotorcraft Applications Rotorcraft experience some unique phenomena because of how they operate and these... MORE> Addressing Safety and Maintenance Concerns without Increasing LRU Count The functions of a data acquisition unit can be combined into a Crash Protected... MORE> GPGPUs in Defense: Performance, Productivity, and Longevity GPGPUs are exiting the sandbox and on their way to being accepted as a mainstay... MORE> Deploying HPC Tools into Embedded Software Development to Save Time and Money This paper explores the role of High Performance Computing (HPC) tools in the... MORE> Accelerating SAR Processing with COTS FPGA hardware and Automated C-to- Gates Synthesis This paper examines the benefits of combining multiple FPGAs with the use of a... MORE> Rugged Switch Ensures Reliability for UGV On-board Network TORC employs rugged Parvus switch on-board unmanned ground vehicles to reliably... MORE>


More Safety and Less Maintenance – can you get it without installing more boxes? The functions of a data acquisition unit can be combined into a Crash Protected... MORE> Delivering Compact Solutions Utilizing 3U Architectures The trend of converting 6U rugged VME and VPX systems to 3U VPX form factors as... MORE> How air data computers can deal with downwash Rotorcraft experience some unique phenomena because of how they operate and these... MORE> FMC+ - Ready for the mainstream What's the buzz about the new FMC+ standard which has targeted key new technology... MORE> Use of GPGPU technology increases in aerospace and defense applications Why are we starting to see GPGPUs develop into a mainstay building block for... MORE> What is a Commercial Development System and Why Do I Need One? A Commercial Development System (CDS) is a complete system made from commercial... MORE> Using HPC tools to solve HPEC development challenges With an overwhelming number of processors being used for High Performance... MORE> Accelerating Radar Processing with FPGAs and C-to-Gates Methodology With Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) and Electronic Warfare (EW) systems complex... MORE> The Challenges Integrators Face When Building A System Curtiss-Wright has developed a VPX embedded software test infrastructure that... MORE> Cutting the wires: is FTI ready for wireless? Flight test instrumentation (FTI) engineers are interested in wireless data... MORE> The Challenge of Architecting Modern Sensor Systems Multi-core processors deliver performance and control with reduced SWaP for... MORE> Partnering to counter inter-vendor integration issues Flight test instrumentation (FTI) engineers are constantly asked to install FTI... MORE>
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