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Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions, a division of Curtiss-Wright Corporation, is the trusted, proven leader for comprehensive, rugged, and secure mission-critical solutions for defense and aerospace applications. We provide:

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Discover why defense departments, commercial avionics companies, and system integrators around the world have relied on us to ensure mission success for more than 80 years.

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In-House Manufacturing Capability Video In-House Manufacturing Capability Get an inside look at Curtiss-Wright's in-house manufacturing capabilities.

Do-254, do-178 DO-254 & DO-178B Certifiable Boards & Systems Pre-qualified electronic systems and Graphics, I/O and SBC modules reduce costs and development risk for DO-254, DO-178 certifiable systems. See our SPIRIT Series. MORE> Signal intelligence Signal Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Stay ahead of the game with Curtiss-Wright and the VPX3-530 for signal intelligence and electronic warfare. MORE> Aiming and Stabilization Systems The Turret Drive Servo System (TDSS) is a modular, scalable aiming and stabilization system that equips troops in the field with the most precise and reliable turret control available for extreme terrain. MORE> High-speed Camera, high definition video High-Speed Camera and Video Recording Curtiss-Wright’s ADSR-4003 family supports Networked High-Speed Camera Recording and High-Definition Video Recording MORE> Deck, ground handling Helicopter Traversing and Securing The INDAL MANTIS Extra Low Profile (ELP) for helicopter and aircraft traversing and maneuvering. MORE> VPX Processor Cards Data and signal processing continues requiring increased performance with lower power and high performance I/O. Curtiss-Wright addresses these demands through full line of VPX processor cards. MORE> Parvus MCOTS Mission Systems Modified COTS(MCOTS) modular, open-architecture-based mission computers can be tailored to meet your requirements, often without traditional NRE fees and in a number of weeks. MORE> Video Distribution Systems Curtiss-Wright offers a variety of video distribution, management, and switching products to meet demanding applications including search and rescue and border patrol operations. MORE> Multi-channel Recorders for Every Program SerialFPDP, Ethernet, & 10 Gb Ethernet multi-channel synchronized turn-key data recorder systems reduce your risk & speed your time to market. MORE> ESCADU Air Data Computer The Enhanced Software Configurable Air Data Unit (ESCADU) air data computer holds 15 configurations for 15 different aircraft in one unit. MORE> Enhanced Performance with Intel Xeon D Intel's Xeon D processor with up to 16 cores and AVX2 is a "game changer" for embedded defense applications. MORE>

Application Highlights


Integrated Data Acquisition Solutions for Aerospace Platforms with Highly Restrictive Space and Weight Requirements and Harsh Environmental Conditions Space and weight are key factors in designing, mounting and installing data... MORE> A Matter of Trust: Reducing Program Risk with Dependable Solutions Mike Hornby explores how tactical advantage on the battlefield of the future will... MORE> Why is it so Difficult to Design a Flight Recorder? Many organizations want to develop a flight data recorder (FDR) to build... MORE> Hardware Features for Maintaining Security During Operation This white paper focuses on hardware features built-in to the most popular defense... MORE> Wideband ADCs and FPGAs are changing the way RF Telescopes Process Data Michelle Watson discusses RF telescopes using wideband ADCs and FPGAs for data... MORE> Curtiss-Wright's In-House Manufacturing Capability Curtiss-Wright's in-house manufacturing capability delivers a combination of... MORE> How to Increase Situational Awareness and Reduce System Complexity with a Single-Box Solution Small, fast, integrated DBH-672 Digital Beachhead system delivers advanced Arm... MORE> Ultra Wideband ADCs and FPGA Technology for Processing RF Telescope Data Radio Frequency (RF) telescopes are different than standard optical telescopes. It... MORE> Is Arm the Future for Airborne Platforms in Military and Aerospace? This white paper looks at whether Arm’s commercial success can translate to... MORE> SWaP-Optimized Data Storage, Recording, and Networking Reduces Helicopter Program Risk and Costs A leading mission systems integrator sought a data recording and storage device... MORE> Configurable FPGAs, More than a Point Solution In this white paper, Paul Bundick looks at the FPGA solutions available and which... MORE> Trusted Boot This paper focuses on establishing initial trust in the boot process and the... MORE>


Industry Experts at ITC 2018 Paul Cook, Russell Moore, and Patrick Quinn lend their telemetry expertise at this... MORE> Recap: National Cyber Security Awareness Month 2018 When it comes to the latest news in regard to Trusted Computing for defense, read... MORE> Leaders in Innovation Since 1903 Discover why defense departments, commercial avionics companies, and system... MORE> Wideband ADCs and FPGAs are changing the way RF Telescopes Process Data Michelle Watson discusses RF telescopes using wideband ADCs and FPGAs for data... MORE> How to Increase Situational Awareness and Reduce System Complexity with a Single-Box Solution Small, fast, integrated DBH-672 Digital Beachhead system delivers advanced Arm... MORE> Take the Fast Track to Market with Mission Critical Systems Reduce development time with ruggedized, COTS products, in comparison to designing... MORE> Partitioning with Software Full Disk Encryption Paul Davis looks at data encryption and how to protect data with AES-256... MORE> Overcoming the DO-254 DAL A Challenge DAL A safety certification involves a strict set of guidance documents ensuring a... MORE> Putting DAUs on a Diet for Small Launcher Applications Smaller launchers provide a lower cost way of getting newer, smaller satellites... MORE> New Performance Breakthrough for VxWorks-based HPEC Systems Curtiss-Wright introduces a performance breakthrough in design of High Performance... MORE> How to Strengthen Redundant Systems with Dissimilarity and Complex Voting Rick Hearn and Paul Hart look at how to strengthen redundancy with dissimilarity... MORE> High Speed ISR Sensor Data Capture, Storage and Retrieval with the New HSR40 Paul Davis looks at how the new High Speed Recorder(HSR40) will enable capture of... MORE>
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