Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition
Data Acquisition
Data Acquisition

Reduce risk & accelerate deployment timelines with proven data reliability

For anything from data capture in the air to replay and analysis on the ground, partnering with the world's leading aerospace data acquisition provider simplifies your design and installation process. Our expertise reduces your risk of capturing useless data, having to repeat a flight, or compromising the integrity of a maintenance program, and suffering the schedule and financial costs. We accelerate your deployment with a faster and more flexible installation using the most extensive set of solutions on the market that can quickly meet changing requirements. And our 24/7 pre- and post-sales support ensure help is there when you need it.

Miniature network data acquisition systems
Miniature Network Data Acquisition Units (TTC MnDAU) deliver network-based, high-speed data acquisition and encoding in an environmentally sealed package and small footprint.
Ultra-compact, scalable & reliable data acquisition systems
Axon/ADAU airborne data acquisition systems are the most advanced available today, offering low SWaP with the best feature set and performance on the market.
Acra KAM-500 DAUs
The Acra KAM-500 DAU is a compact, low-weight, and high-performance airborne acquisition and transmission system consisting of a chassis, backplane controller, and user-selected modules.
TTC CDAU and nDAU systems
The TTC DAU - CDAU and nDAU series are designed to condition and encode multiple sources of analog and digital data including sensors, transducers, buses, and electro-mechanical assemblies (switches, relays).

Reliable data acquisition systems, engineered to succeed

We've used our decades of program experience providing full-system solutions to develop a comprehensive portfolio of rugged signal conditioning, data acquisition, data multiplexing, and PCM encoder systems for terrestrial and space environments. These deterministic systems provide mission-critical reliability and support for multiple industry standards, including Ethernet, TmNS, IRIG-106 Chapter 4, 8 and 10, DARV3, IENA, and iNET-X.

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Organization successfully deploys total system solution

Read a real-world example of an aircraft OEM that successfully integrated a flight test solution for one of its new jets, from data acquisition to real-time analysis and post-test validation, increasing the efficiency of flight time without any significant delays or performance issues.


Demo: Miniature double-wide data acquisition system

See our MDW-2020, a compact data acquisition unit with a unique design that minimizes its physical footprint and makes it an ideal fit for hypersonic and rotary programs.