Hand Controllers

Hand Controllers
Hand Controllers

Curtiss-Wright ruggedized, field-proven hand controllers offer high reliability and optimal user comfort and are designed for a wide variety of applications.

1-Hand Controller +/- 20°
2-Hand Controller +/- 24°
Supply voltage  
MIL-STD-1275-Power 18 to 32VDC
Max. Rating 2W
Discrete switches supply voltage/continuous current 5 to 36VDC / 0.5A continuous
Palm and fire supply voltage/Palm and output switches continuous current 5 to 36VDC / 0.2A continuous
Customer signal interface RS-422 up to 115,200 bps, CANbus up to 1 MHz, analog and others on request
Output signal 5 programmable polynomial functions
EMI/EMC qualification According to MIL-STD-461 ground army
Environmental qualification According to ICE 61000-4-2
Environmental According to MIL-STD-810 ground mobile
Dead zone +/- 3% mechanical dead band
Electrical adjustable due to polynomial output function
Temperature range -40°C to +51°C operation
(-46°C to 71°C operation on request)
-51°C to 71°C storage

Approx. weight
1-Hand grip 1.9 kg
4.18 lb
1-Hand grip fixed type 1.4 kg
3.08 lb
2-Hand grip 2.7 kg
5.95 lb
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Hand Controllers

One Product, many options and numerous applications

The Hand Controller (HC) is an important interface between operator and machine and has been developed to meet the high demands of the military sector while providing reliability and optimal user comfort. HCs are available as a one or two hand grip shell style. Each of the ergonomically designed motion control handles can hold up to 12 independent sealed switches which are adaptable to customer's requirements.

Digital HCs process data via a central processing unit (CPU) that enables BIT and customers to define output characteristics. The standard version is equipped with an RS-422 or CANbus data link interface and typically connects to servo electronics or the customer's subsystem. All HCs are fully galvanic isolated and equipped with electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection and can be integrated into tanks, UAVs, ships, simulators or other military vehicles.

There are five Hand Controllers that can be supplied off the shelf at a competitive unit cost. Alternatively, customized controllers can be developed by selecting from a range of available options such as the setting transfer or grip type.

Controller Types 1-Hand Controllers

one hand, motion control handle, type fix one hand, motions control handle, type deflection one hand, motion control handle, type compact

one hand, motions control handle, type ergonomic

Fix Deflection Compact Ergonomic Symmetric
one hand, motion control handle, type classic one hand, left handed motion control handle one hand, right handed motion control handle
Classic Left-handed Right-handed

1-Hand controller benefits:

  • Smaller dimensions than 2-Hand Controller
  • One-handed operation
  • Connectors can be mounted on any side

2-Hand Controllers

two hand, motion control handle, classic deflection two hand, motion control handle, ergonomic deflection two hand, motion control handle, portable HC prototype
Classic Deflection Ergonomic Deflection Portable HC "Prototype"

2-hand controller benefits:

  • Horizontal and vertical grip shell
  • Precise handling with excellent user grip during movement in heavy terrain

Grip Types

The output signal can either be derived from the force on the thumb sensor (type - fix) or from the deflection of the grip (type - deflection).

One handed controller type fix 2 handed deflection with arrows fix type hand controller with arrows showing movement direction
Fix Deflection Deflection
  • Fixed type benefits
    • No unintended movement in heavy terrain
    • No moving mechanical parts
    • Smaller dimensions and weight
  • Deflection type benefits
    • Fine graduation by the angle of rotation

Buttons, Switches, and Position

We offer precision switches and buttons with over 1 million life cycles; switches with digital and analog output options; high performance, snap action, push-button, toggle slide, and rotary switches.

Switch Setting and Transfer Data

  • Flexible modular system
  • Switches hard-wired or via digital interface
  • RS-422, CANbus or analog
  • Up to five storable output characteristics
  • Discrete signals by the second connector

The output characteristics are individually programmable, with up to five polynomial functions storable, they can be selected during operation via the data link.

Hand Controller Schematic
Hand Controller Wiring

Numbers of Connectors and Outlet Positions

Because it is important to optimally utilize the space available you can choose where the connector should be located on the device.

Color and Printing Options

Your hand controller can be painted and labeled as per your specifications.