NC120A Nano Motion Controller

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For precision motion control and stabilization systems on SWaP-C constrained platforms

A rugged, compact servo controller delivering more than 3 kW of output power, the NC120A has the output power necessary to manage the actions of a wide variety of components in precision drive systems, including motors and motor feedback types, gyroscopes, and hand controllers in a compact package weighing just over 4 lbs.

Get your program moving with the pre-engineered NC120A Nano Motion Controller.

Accelerate time to market with pre-engineered motor controllers

Pre-engineered motion controllers based on COTS components address all of the key challenges system integrators face when developing a controller. In addition, by leveraging Curtiss-Wright’s longstanding history of providing modular and fully tailored motion control and stabilization solutions, system integrators can significantly reduce the time needed for development and qualifications.

The NC120A has been engineered from the ground up to maximize performance without compromising any other controller design or operation aspect. Thoroughly tested to ensure all components operate smoothly together and are pre-qualified against essential standards, the NC120A can eliminate the lengthy delays that occur with repetitive cycles of testing, redesigning, and retesting against multiple criteria.

Combine speed and power in SWaP friendly package

The NC120A nano controller generates 120A of peak current at 28V of input power to deliver more than 3kW of output power in a compact package weighing just over 4 lbs (1.9 kg). Manage the actions of a comprehensive list of system components, including motors and motor feedback types, gyroscopes, and hand controllers, without sacrificing valuable space. In addition, the NC120A includes high-speed processors and FPGAs to meet the most challenging motor control performance requirements.

Scalable solution to support any application  

The NC120A’s modular architecture allows for quick and easy adaptation to meet the needs of any platform and application requirement, including modular control loop configurations for position, speed, and current.

For applications requiring short-burst peak power, like remote weapons stations with small-caliber turrets, autoloaders, or camera cranes, a low power variant of the NC120A is available. Alternatively, the high voltage variant provides up to 18kW of short-burst peak output power and is ideal for guided weapon control systems equipped with a high-voltage power supply. This could include remote weapons stations with medium caliber turrets or autoloaders for larger caliber weapon systems, up to 57 mm.

Rugged design qualified to key military and safety standards

All components of the NC120A have been designed and tested to withstand the most demanding of environmental requirements and focus on maximizing mission life. The nano controller includes an emergency stop and other functional safety measures that comply with IEC 61800 SIL and IEC 61508 SIL 2 standards to increase operational safety. Additionally, the NC120A is qualified to established military standards, including MIL-STD-1275, MIL-STD-461, and MIL-STD-810.

  • High power, SWaP-C optimized motion controller (up to 3.4kW)
  • Field-proven, rugged, and reliable design
  • Ultra-low latency motion control and stabilization
  • Modular open standard architecture electronics
  • High-speed communication interfaces
  • UI for parameterization and software configuration
  • Separated safety paths in electronics and software (up to SIL 2)
  • Available in MIL-STD qualified housing or as a modular integration package
  • Control one axis per controller; up to three-axis simultaneously
  • Passive cooling (convection)
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NC120A Nano Motion Controller

Download Data Sheet
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