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Open Architectures
Open Architectures

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Open Standards are Key to Resolving Today's Challenges

As a result of our long-time commitment to developing modular COTS solutions based on open standards architecture, along with our dedication to industry collaboration and open standards development, Curtiss-Wright is ideally positioned to deliver ruggedized, reliable, and secure COTS solutions that are aligned with key industry standards.


The MOSA Imperative

This Curtiss-Wright Position Paper aims to put MOSA (Modular Open Systems Approach) into perspective and enable you, whether a defense contractor, a decision-maker at the DoD, or a public policymaker, to put the increasingly relevant MOSA to use better. MOSA drives faster time to market, lower cost, increased software portability, technology innovation, and interoperability among systems across all defense domains. This Position Paper will guide you through why MOSA exists, its history and context, and why MOSA is ideally suited to creating the capabilities required to counter an uncertain and dangerous world of rapidly shifting threats.

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Explore MOSA-Supporting Standards

Modular Open Systems Approach  

An acquisition and design strategy that prioritizes the use of open standards-based technology.

C5ISR/EW Modular Open Suite of Standards  

Enables hardware and software commonality between platforms and command posts.

Sensor Open Systems Architecture  

Defines common hardware and software for sensor processing systems.

Future Airborne Capability Environment  

Aims to standardize approaches to bring open standards solutions to avionics systems.

Vehicle Integration for C4ISR/EW Interoperability  

Promotes the use of open standard physical and logical interfaces between LRU systems.

Modular Open Radio Frequency Architecture  

Developed to offer new capabilities including reducing SWaP as well as interoperability functions.

Generic Vehicle Architecture  

Mandates the use of open, modular, and scalable architectures in the design of new and upgraded ground vehicles.

Assured Positioning, Navigation and Timing  

Ensures accurate positioning, navigation, and timing information is delivered in GPS/GNSS-denied environments.

Increase Interoperability, Maintainability & More with MOSA

Building on our years of experience and participation in the development of open standards, we design our rugged hardware to bring the benefits of a Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) architecture to deployed ground, airborne, and naval platforms. Explore our solutions aligned with MOSA-supporting standards like SOSA, CMOSS, VICTORY, GVA, FACE, and OMS/UCI.

Exploring SOSA, CMOSS, FACE, VICTORY, and More

We examine the 2019 tri-services memo regarding MOSA, and what open standards such as SOSA, FACE, and VICTORY mean for today’s military programs.

A leader in Open Standards

Curtiss-Wright has been a leading contributor to the VITA Standards Organization (VSO) that oversees the definition of OpenVPX, PMC, XMC, and FMC form-factor standards that provide the foundation of both CMOSS and SOSA technical standards. 

3U VPX Single Board Computer  

VPX (VITA 46) specifications establish a new direction for the next revolution in bus boards.

FPGA Mezzanine Card Standard  
FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC) Standard

Defines the maximum amount of FPGA connectivity to connect directly with IO devices fitted to the mezzanine.

VPX3-1260 Single Board Computer  
Enterprise Open System Architecture (E-OSA)

Prescribes various requirements for 3U VPX General Purpose Processor modules.

Reduce Risks, Lower Costs, and Speed Deployment of the Applications Warfighters Need Most

Curtiss-Wright offers a broad range of modules and systems designed in compliance with open architecture standards including OpenVPX, VPX, FMC, GVA, and TMS. Learn more about these standards and explore the solutions engineered to lead the usage of open standards and drive industry collaboration initiatives.