SYSGO and Curtiss-Wright

SYSGO and Curtiss-Wright partnership
SYSGO and Curtiss-Wright

Embedded Systems Requiring Safety and Security

Curtiss-Wright collaborates with SYSGO, a European market leader in embedded real-time operating systems (RTOS), to offer state-of-the-art rugged embedded hardware with NXP Power Architecture and ARM processors combined with proven MILS and EURO-MILS RTOS for embedded systems requiring safety and security requirements in the Internet of Things. PikeOS enables the development and deployment of critical and non-critical applications on a single hardware platform. PikeOS forms an integrated software platform for the development of new or the migration of existing and legacy applications. PikeOS hypervisor-based technology allows standard RTOS communication mechanisms inside and between partitions including shared memory, communication ports, semaphores, etc. These mechanisms are defined at design time by the system designers allowing secure point-to-point communications, memory and device access, which is statically allocated across partitions at PikeOS start-up.

Curtiss-Wright and SYSGO Provide Customers With:

  • Low risk SYSGO PikeOS real-time operating system tested and validated on Curtiss-Wright VPX3-133 3U OpenVPX SBC hardware
  • DO-178C safety-critical certification support for aerospace & defense applications with artifact support and source code availability
  • Support for single and multi-core ARM and Power Architecture processors with partitioning and Guest OS support (guest operating systems, run-time environments and APIs)

Glass Cockpit Demonstration with SYSGO’s PikeOS Hypervisor/RTOS

COTS-based Glass Cockpit demonstration highlight’s SYSGO’s PikeOS, CoreAVI’s OpenGL stack, and Esterel SCADE Display with Curtiss-Wright’s VPX3-133 single board computer and XMC-715 AMD high performance graphics processor.





SYSGO is a European market leader in embedded real-time operating systems and has more than 25 years of expertise in certifiable software, agile and responsive, with optional long term support for all of their OS products, PikeOS RTOS with Hypervisor and ELinOS, its own Linux distribution, running as a guest OS on PikeOS. SYSGO provides invaluable extensive training services with engineering service support covering on-site support engineers and full BSP development services for certifiable BSP to the highest safety levels. SYSGO provides safety and security certification support for PikeOS Hypervisor, which has been certified to DO-178C, IEC-61508, EN-50128, EN-62304 and ISO-26262 standards, including multicore platforms with X86 processor architectures. PikeOS supports a wide variety of multicore processor architectures, where certification effort is ongoing.