Flight Test Applications

Flight Test Applications

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Reliable and Flexible Data Capture is Key

Avoid expensive additional flights, and excessive overtime for engineers, by ensuring data is delivered reliably using flexible systems that also allow for rapid reconfiguration to meet changing requirements.


Miniature Double Wide Data Acquisition System: MDW-2020 Demo

This video shows the new MDW-2020 form factor, our latest addition to our miniature data acquisition series product family.


White paper: Flight Test Instrumentation Solutions for Hypersonic Vehicles

This white paper discusses the challenges hypersonic vehicle testing faces and proposes how flight test instrumentation (FTI) can aid in overcoming them.


Aerospace Instrumentation Brochure

Curtiss-Wright is the leading supplier of aerospace test and monitoring hardware and software.

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Organization Successfully Deploys Total System Solution from Data Acquisition to Real-Time Analysis and Post-Test Validation

An experienced designer and manufacturer used multiple hardware vendors for their FTI system for a new jet. Learn the challenges they encountered and how they overcame them.

Meeting Missile Program Upgrade Requirements with Power-Efficient, Future-Proof Transmitters

This case study describes how an organization overcame challenges to successfully meet a missile's upgrade objectives, including increasing the missile’s range, ensuring a low-risk transmitter qualification program, and reducing transmitter interference with other onboard electronics.

Exploring the Telemetry Network Standard (TmNS)

Flight test instrumentation has changed dramatically over the last decade. The increased data and desire to access more control over onboard systems from the ground has led to significant recent interest in using a bi-directional, Ethernet-like telemetry protocol. This white paper presents an overview of the Telemetry Network Standard (TmNS), its core benefits, and a comparison to 5G. 

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