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The RCP-5000 is designed for cockpit panel installation and provides the test pilot or instrumentation engineer with control and monitoring capability for a flight test instrumentation (FTI) system.

It is powered from 28VDC. A 9-switch matrix provides operator and external system control capabilities.

A 4-digit 7-segment display is provided to display the percent of storage remaining. A 2-digit 7-segment display is also provided to display which recorder is being accessed. The brightness of the switch legends and the 7-segment displays can be controlled by the external brightness potentiometer or by varying the voltage to the switches. The RCP-5000 has two separate control switches – one for Ethernet and one for RS-485.

  • The RCP-5000-1 completely separates the Ethernet and RS-485 for Classified and Unclassified control and display.
  • The RCP-5000-2 combines the Ethernet and RS-485 to display the recorder with the least percent remaining.
  • The RCP-5000-3 can show the recorder percentage remaining and the ability to view/change the active recorder mode via the Mode Select button.

Key Features

  • Recorder control panel for the ADSR, nREC, and AIM recorder families
  • Controls up to 16 recorders
  • Ethernet and half-duplex multipoint RS-485 recorder control and % remaining
  • Operates from +28VDC +/-4VDC at 7W
  • Reverse polarity and overvoltage protected
  • 9 Illuminated switches capable of full brightness or dimming
  • 9-switch matrix that provides operator and external control capabilities
  • 4-digit and 2-digit 7-segment displays for system information
  • PCM frame correlator input with four discrete isolated outputs
  • Up to 16 PCM parameters can be tested with the results enabling any combination of the isolated outputs
  • Mounts in 5.375” DZUS® rails


  • Flight test instrumentation
  • Cockpit control system
  • Remote monitoring
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