Set-up, Display, and Analysis Software

data acquisition background
data acquisition background
Set-up, Display, and Analysis Software

Maximize the efficiency of your flight test programs with the world's premier setup & real-time display & post-test analysis software

Curtiss-Wright's flight test software is developed using feedback from decades of support experience to make it intuitive, fast, and efficient to use. It saves time and effort in setting up and managing hardware while providing powerful tools for real-time and post-flight data visualization, analysis, and reporting.


Our setup and management software configures data acquisition, network, recording, RF, imaging, and ground station products.


IADS is a suite of display and analysis tools for creating displays, parameter definitions, analysis options, and test setup in seconds that can scale from large multi-discipline test rooms to single-user systems. IADS Post-Test Explorer provides a unified post-test reporting system with many powerful features to gather data from multiple tests, develop custom data analysis functions and create plots and charts. To view technical documentation, user guides, etc. for IADS, visit its support page.

TTCWare FTI System Setup and Configuration Software
Data acquisition system configuration and programming application
DAS Studio
Configure DAUs, network switches, recorders & ground stations in an integrated environment.
IADS RTStation
Complete, scalable real-time and post-test display, analysis, and server software suite.
IADS Real-Time & Post-Test Display & Analysis Software
Facilitates real-time mission analysis and raises situational awareness, safety monitoring, and test point clearance capabilities to a new level.
IADS data processing, delivery & archiving software
Process hundreds-of-thousands of parameters with comprehensive data storage capabilities and real-time data recall for client scroll back.
IADS Post-Test Explorer
Combines the tasks of searching for data, analyzing the data, and creating a report of the test results into a single framework.
IADS Training
Training courses for IADS software suites with an online calendar.

Aerospace Instrumentation Brochure

Modern aerospace instrumentation systems can be highly complex, and it can be difficult to know how to meet program needs. It’s not unusual for requirements to change during a campaign and cause significant delays, and data must be captured reliably no matter what – otherwise expensive additional flights will be needed or months of program data could be lost. Read our brochure to learn how you can reduce your risk with commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions. 

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Increase flight test efficiency with IADS software

Read how IADS real-time and post-test display and analysis software formatted telemetry data into usable information to increase the efficiency of flight time in a real world case study.


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