VPX Switches & Routers

VPX Switches & Routers
VPX Switches & Routers
VPX Switches & Routers

Enable seamless, reliable switching & routing in VPX systems

Our OpenVPX switches and routers, some with SOSA-aligned options, provide systems integrators with a fast and powerful way to interconnect chassis, cards, and processors through switched Gigabit, 10 Gigabit, and 40 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. Operating at wire-speed, these Ethernet switching and routing modules can be used to architect the network-centric infrastructure for backplane and twisted-pair networks within advanced military systems. 

VPX Switches & Routers

Product Image Product Name Form Factor Standard Type Interface(s) Data Sheet
VPX3-6826 3U CMOSS, SOSA, OpenVPX Ethernet, Switch N/A
VPX3-663 3U CMOSS, OpenVPX, PCIe, SOSA Ethernet, PCIe 1000Base-T, 10GBase-KR, PCIe
VPX3-655 Versatile 1G/10G/40G Ethernet Switch Module 3U CMOSS, OpenVPX, VPX-REDI Ethernet, Switch 1000BASE-KX, 1000Base-T, 10Base-T, 10GBase-KR, 10GBase-T, 1GBase-T, 40GBASE-KR4
VPX3-687 3U CMOSS, SOSA, VPX, VPX-REDI Ethernet 1000BASE-BX, 1000BASE-KX, 10GBase-KR, 10GBase-KX4 (XAUI), 40GBASE-KR4
VPX3-652 3U 20-port Ethernet Switch 3U OpenVPX, VPX, VPX-REDI Ethernet 1000Base-T, 1000Base-X (SerDes), 100Base-TX, 10Base-T
VPX6-688 Gigabit Ethernet Switch 6U VPX, VPX-REDI Ethernet 1000Base-SX, 1000Base-T, 100Base-TX, Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE)

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Backplane Ethernet: Enabling High-Performance Embedded Systems

Ethernet has grown to become a universal networking technology, evolving to provide ever faster links over a wide range of media. To meet the need for higher performance,
many embedded systems now use “backplane Ethernet” to communicate between cards in modular systems.

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