Hypersonic Vehicle Applications

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Hypersonic Vehicle Applications

Reliable Data Capture and Transmission

Engineered for Extreme Environments

There has been a recent resurgence of interest in hypersonic flight and there are now dozens of craft proposed or in development around the world. This includes spaceplanes, experimental craft, technology testbeds, passenger craft, and weapons. Curtiss-Wright has built up an extensive knowledge base of deploying data collection, transmission, and recording solutions in harsh environments like space and for hypersonic vehicles.

Flight Test Instrumentation Solutions for Hypersonic Vehicles

While the advantages of hypersonic craft are obvious (whether it’s traveling from London to New York in an hour or having advanced strike weapons), achieving such a reality is extremely difficult. Hypersonic vehicles face highly challenging environmental conditions due to their high speeds. This white paper discusses these challenges and proposes how flight test instrumentation (FTI) can aid in overcoming them.

Robust and Reliable Flight Test Instrumentation System Deployed on Hypersonic Test Bed

A company that was developing their own hypersonic vehicle for use as a technology testbed wanted a flight test instrumentation (FTI), recording, and transmission system. read the case study to learn more about the challenges they faced and what solutions were used to overcome these.

Miniaturizing Space COTS for Small Launcher Applications

One trend in the global space market involves using smaller launchers to keep costs down and increase the frequency of launches. This creates a challenge for development flight instrumentation (DFI) and operational flight instrumentation (OFI) as the same functionality is required, but the package must be smaller. This white paper discusses the need for, and challenge of, compact space COTS systems for modern space applications, in particular for small launcher applications.


Aerospace Instrumentation Brochure

Modern aerospace instrumentation systems can be highly complex, and it can be difficult to know how to meet program needs. It’s not unusual for requirements to change during a campaign and cause significant delays, and data must be captured reliably no matter what – otherwise expensive additional flights will be needed or months of program data could be lost. Read our brochure to learn how you can reduce your risk with commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions.

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