High Speed NAS for a Wide-Area Persistent Surveillance Pod

High Speed NAS for a Wide-Area Persistent Surveillance Pod

The collection of sensor data on long-range airborne missions is of vital importance to warfighters. In recent years, through the advancement of military technology, this intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) missions have been able to collect more data, for longer periods of time. Many long-range missions are now performed using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

These UAVs are often compact and operate for extended durations while collecting massive amounts of data through an attached pod of sensors. The pod enables wide-area persistent surveillance through a broader field of view than previously accessible.

A large aerospace systems integrator that manufactures wide-area persistent surveillance systems were challenged with finding a network-attached storage solution to meet their demanding requirements. Because the sensor pod collected such large amounts of data at high speeds, the solution needed a high capacity storage system with a high data throughput rate.

The solution also needed to be compact and low-power enough to fit in the existing space in the pod. As well, the integrator also had a strict program deadline and needed a quick integration solution.

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