TEC/NOT/085 - Using the KAM/TCG/105 and KAM/TCG/106

The KAM/TCG/105 is a time-code generator with GPS/IRIG input and internal battery backup. The KAM/TCG/106 is based on the KAM/TCG/105; the main difference being the external battery backup for applications in which using an internal battery is not optimal.

This technical note introduces the KAM/TCG/105 module, and describes how to set it up, as well as troubleshoot GPS. This paper is divided into the following sections:

  • “54.1 Time code modules” on page 1
  • “54.2 Module overview” on page 1
  • “54.3 Setting up the KAM/TCG/105 using KSM-500” on page 2
  • “54.4 Setting up the KAM/TCG/105 using DAS Studio 3” on page 3
  • “54.5 Example configurations” on page 9
  • “54.6 Troubleshooting GPS” on page 16
  • “54.7 Tips” on page 17