The SOSA Technical Standard and Trusted Computing for Defense Systems


Deploying security as the speed of relevance. Defense platforms have hosted intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) sensor payloads for many years. Today’s defense system integrators need to ensure that the sensor systems and the critical data they collect and store are protected from falling into the wrong hands.

By the very nature of their missions, defense platforms, whether airborne, on land, or at sea, pose more complex problems for security. All systems, whether deployed on manned or unmanned platforms, must now adhere to the DoD’s mandate for a modular open systems approach (MOSA). The good news for ISR system designers is that the Open Group’s SOSA™️ Consortium recently released Technical Standard for SOSA Reference Architecture, Edition 1.0. This open architecture approach defines many aspects of trusted computing for sensor systems. The Sensor Open System Architecture™️ (SOSA) Technical Standard combines MOSA principles with security to enable secure sensor systems’ rapid and low-risk deployment on defense and aerospace platforms.

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