100-Gigabit Ethernet Done Right

100-Gigabit Ethernet Done Right

Published in Military & Aerospace Electronics
Written by Aaron Frank

COTS suppliers have focused on increasing connectivity speeds within and between systems for decades, following the introduction of the VPX standard.

ASHBURN, Va. – One technology for building fast, capable systems is to provide high-speed connectivity among system components to transfer and share data quickly for modern signal and data processing.

The need for speed has become critical for modern sensors that rely on increased volumes of efficiently processed data. High speed connectivity between systems also enables more actionable information to be shared quickly, resulting in increased mission effectiveness and more integrated situational awareness.

To deliver the fast processing and information sharing that modern high performance embedded computing (HPEC) defense systems require, system designers must adapt to the latest proven technologies. However, it is not enough simply to provide high-speed connectivity between system components yet fail to support the ability to process all that data within the systems themselves.

100-Gigabit Ethernet products, such as the latest systems designed to align with the Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA) technical standard, must be able to deliver full 100-gigabit performance throughout the entire processing chain or they will fail to achieve the true potential of this exciting new technology.

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