In Touch Anywhere

January 12, 2022

In Touch Anywhere

Published in Shephard
Written by Flavia Camargos Pereira

US services are keen to provide SATCOM to frontline units and enable communication on the move worldwide. Shephard speaks to industry experts to identify the capabilities and limitations of this emerging technology.

With military personnel spread over 160 countries and 4,800 sites worldwide, the US armed forces have been increasing efforts to provide SATCOM coverage to expeditionary units and enable communication on the move over greater distances.

These capabilities enable data traffic and the use of smartphones, broadband, video, GPS, AI, cloud computing, networking and C2 systems, in addition to increasing situational awareness and enabling soldiers to better face near-peer adversaries in congested and contested environments.


Dominic Perez, CTO at Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions, explained that SATCOM will play an important role on tomorrow’s battlefield. ‘The demand for SATCOM is going to get higher, but also the demand for deployed services is increasing,’ he noted.

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