New Recorders Boost In-Flight Data Capacity

New Recorders Boost In-Flight Data Capacity

Published in National Defense
Written by Mikayla Easley

Arlington, Virginia - Aircraft component manufacturer Curtiss-Wright has introduced two new flight recorders that feature next-generation capabilities for modern aircraft.

The company's defense arm recently announced the release of a new cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder - Fortress CVR-25 and Fortress FDR-25, respectively - as the latest additions to the company's Fortress line of Flight Recorders.

Curtiss-Wright's flight recorders and crash-protected memory systems are outfitted on several U.S. military aircraft, such as the Army's UH-60M Black Hawk, the Navy's MH-60S Seahawk and more.

The new systems can record for at least 25 hours, complying with the latest standard requirements from the Federal Aviation Administration and European Organisation for Civil Aviation Equipment, said Steve Leaper, product line manager for flight recorders at Curtiss-Wright.

"Our Fortress range of recorders allows us to address commercial [and] defense fixed-wing aircraft, rotorcraft and [unmanned aerial vehicles] applications - wherever they may be," he said.

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