Bring New Stability to Payloads in Motion

Motion control tilting train

Download the infographic to learn how our high-precision motion control systems help you stabilize the movements of almost any payload in any environment.


Bring Stability to Payloads in Motion Infographic


Any Payload

Stabilize payloads in motion on the ground and in the air with rugged, high-precision, and fully configurable motion control systems that are ideal for complex and demanding applications, such as:

  • High-speed public transportation
  • Camera crane rigs
  • Specialty lift applications
  • Amusement park rides
  • Military applications

Any Motion Control Challenge

The challenges we can address are almost endless. Every system we deliver is adapted and configured for the application’s unique program, technical, and environmental requirements and engineered to provide unmatched levels of reliability and precision.

To accelerate time to market and reduce risks, we combine field-proven building blocks and advanced system development processes to cost-effectively jump-start delivery of fully integrated motion control systems. We deliver highly reliable motion control systems on spec, on time, and on budget — every time.

Any Environment

Every component in every one of our motion control systems undergoes extensive testing to ensure it performs reliably and accurately in the most rugged geographic locations and the most severe weather conditions:

  • Extreme heat and cold
  • High-altitude locations
  • Sandy, dusty, and wet environments
  • Bumpy, potholed, and rutted terrain