Ensure Mission Success with one TDL System

tactical data links

Train warfighters in effective battlefield tactics with the Curtiss-Wright TCG GTS® Ground Tactical Data Link System. Then use the same system for flexible and affordable tactical data link (TDL) communications on any battlefield.

One system for training and operations

Innovative, new solutions that combine TDL training and battlefield communications capabilities in a single system are allowing militaries to completely change the paradigm around TDL training. They can train personnel in Link 16 and other TDL communications anywhere, even on ships during missions. And they can use the same system to set up a TDL network quickly and easily for command-and-control operations on any battlefield, at any time.


Ensure Mission Success With One TDL System




Multiple communications protocols

The Curtiss-Wright TCG GTS is an operational TDL communications station with comprehensive simulation and training capabilities. This all-in-one system provides an intuitive graphical user interface to simulate any battlefield scenario and supports simulated and live communications using a wide range of terminals and interfaces:

  • Link 11 ATDS/NTDS
  • VMF
  • SADL
  • DIS
  • ADS-B and AIS

Countless simulated and live applications

Simulate real-world command-and-control scenarios using Link 16, and other TDLs, to dramatically reduce training costs compared to large field exercises. Create realistic situations that include red and blue forces in the air, on the ground, and at sea to teach and reinforce the tactics that work best in any situation. A combined TDL training and battlefield system opens the door to an almost unlimited number of simulated and live applications, including:

  • Tactical situational display
  • Training scenario generation
  • Range training officer support
  • Full multi-terminal control
  • Network monitoring
  • Record and playback