White Paper Series: Trusted Computing for Aerospace and Defense

Trusted Computing Aerospace

Looking for the latest on Trusted Computing for aerospace and defense? Our white paper series, Trusted Computing: The COTS Perspective, examines the technologies and trends protecting today’s critical systems from cybersecurity and physical threats.  

Introduction to COTS-based Trusted Computing

This white paper looks at the use of open standards based, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technologies to address Trusted Computing requirements in deployable embedded systems for aerospace and defense applications.

Trusted Boot

Establishing trust in the initial boot process is a critical and foundational step for ensuring an embedded module or system will perform exactly as intended, uncompromised. This white paper explores security mechanism on Intel and NXP processors, such as Intel TXT, Intel Boot Guard, and NXP Trust Architecture, as well as the additional efforts required to ensure a truly trusted boot process.

Hardware Features for Maintaining Security During Operation

After secure boot is implemented, there are a variety of hardware features built into the most popular processor architectures to ensure the continued security of a trusted system during operation. This white paper provides a breakdown of hardware features, such as NXP Trust Architecture, Intel SGX, and Arm TrustZone. Understanding these features, what they protect against, and how to effectively use them is an important step in designing embedded systems to operate securely, even in the face of attacks. Read this paper to learn more.