Curtiss-Wright Expands Industry Leading Axon DAU for Flight Test with ARINC-429 Bus Monitor Module

Curtiss-Wright Expands Industry Leading Axon DAU for Flight Test with ARINC-429 Bus Monitor Module

New AXN/ABM/401 bus monitor optimizes DAU application with higher speeds

ASHBURN, Va. – August 1, 2019 – Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions division today announced that its Aerospace, Electronics & Motion Control business unit, a leading supplier of flight test instrumentation (FTI) system solutions, has introduced a new module that further expands the capabilities of its innovative Axon™ data acquisition unit (DAU). The AXN/ABM/401 Bus Monitor Module is a 24-channel ARINC-429 bus monitor parser/packetizer. The module supports unprecedented 500 Mbps throughput, enabling FTI applications to handle greater amounts of data. It also supports a higher parser slot count and has new filtering rules to optimize data capture from ARINC 429 busses.

The Axon DAU’s modular COTS approach lowers the risk of losing valuable data. Its unprecedented flexibility, combined with advanced packaging, sets a new standard for size, weight, and power optimization and minimizes schedule risk if additional data needs emerge later in system development.

The AXN/ABM/401 Performance Features:

  • Monitors up to 24 ARINC-429 busses
  • Coherently parses traffic and tags for up to 24,575 messages
  • Aperiodic transmission of packetized ARINC-429 messages including tags as iNET-X, iNET, IENA-D, IENA-N, Chapter 10, or NPD parser aligned, payload structures per channel or per instrument
  • Detects six types of errors
  • Word counter for each bus

About the AXN/ABM/401

The AXN/ABM/401 ARINC-429 bus monitor provides 24,575 parser slots and their associated time and status tags, enabling greater flexibility for flight test engineers when selecting ARINC-429 parameters. Like all Axon bus monitoring modules, the AXN/ABM/401 packetizes captured data into multiple industry-standard formats and supports filtered packetizing. It combines the capabilities of a coherent message parser with the flexibility of an iNET-X packetizer and an error-detection function, on a single module.

Messages can be parsed based on their bus number, label, SDI, and/or SSM fields. Every ARINC-429 message received from each of the 24 busses is captured and packetized into an Ethernet frame, along with time tags and a bus tag, with other received messages in a packetizer buffer. The packetizer contents can be assembled into Ethernet frames by an iNET-X controller or transmitter, for example, an AXN/BCU/401, for transmission over Ethernet. The module can generate a single packet per input bus or packetize messages from all the active busses into a single packet stream. Optionally, the message stream can be filtered such that only certain messages are captured and packetized.

About the Axon DAU

Curtiss-Wright’s commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) Axon DAU is one of the industry’s fastest, most compact, and flexible data acquisition systems (DAS). It has outstanding reliability for demanding applications and enables flight test engineers to quickly develop, install and scale a robust data collection solution for FTI that easily adapts to evolving requirements. With a 1 Gbps Ethernet link dedicated to each data acquisition module, Axon can currently deliver a throughput of 380 Mbps. It features increased integration flexibility through the use of unique Axonite™ remote mountable modules (10m link distance). It also uniquely supports iNET, DARV3, Chap 10, iNET-X, and IENA.

Axon Quick Start Kit Option

Curtiss-Wright also recently introduced the Axon Quick Start Kit (QSK). Using the Axon QSK (AXN/QSK/001), FTI engineers can rapidly familiarize themselves with the DAU as it includes everything needed in the supplied flight case. The QSK is also 100% usable in a full flight test campaign and can be augmented with more modules, Axon chassis, or other DAUs from Curtiss-Wright. The Axon QSK lets FTI engineers easily familiarize themselves with our innovative new Axon data acquisition platform. With its miniature size and unprecedented flexible installation options, Axon lets FTI engineers lower the weight of equipment and wiring, gather more data, and meet demanding time schedules while ensuring that none of their critical data is lost during flight tests. Available at a one-time-only introductory cost, the Axon QSK makes it easier for FTI engineers to discover for themselves why Axon represents the future of flight test, missile, and aircraft monitoring applications.

The Benefits of Complete DAU System Solutions

Axon systems are easy to integrate and expand. Multiple Axon modules can be integrated into a single Axon chassis. The Axon chassis, Axon user modules, and Axonite remote housing are designed to work with Curtiss-Wright’s family of DAS products, including DAUs, high-speed cameras, data recorders, and switches. Axon DAUs provide the most powerful and modern solution on the market by combining unprecedented flexibility with outstanding reliability for demanding applications. They are also low power, meaning their compact form factor is not compromised with bulky heatsinks when deployed. Axon modules and chassis, now available in 6, 9, and 16-slot configurations, enable FTI engineers to quickly configure and deploy the vast amounts of data acquisition required to support demanding flight tests, missile tests, and space developmental/operation flight instrumentation programs. Ideal for use in flight tests, system monitoring, power system upgrades, or life extension programs.




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