Curtiss-Wright Introduces its First Tri-Band (L/S/C) Multimode Transmitter for Aerospace Instrumentation Applications

Curtiss-Wright Introduces its First Tri-Band (L/S/C) Multimode Transmitter for Aerospace Instrumentation Applications
TTS-9800-2 multimode transmitter supports L-Band, S-Band, and C-Band and new IRIG 106-17 standards

ASHBURN, Va. – May 9, 2018 -- Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions division today announced that it's Aerospace Instrumentation (AI) business unit has introduced an Airborne Tri-Band Multimode Transmitter, the TTS-9800-2, providing the highest RF power efficiency offered in the industry today. The flight test is a costly process for which any downtime is the enemy. The use of user-programmable multimode transmitter speeds and simplifies RF band selection in the field, which saves time and cost, lowers program risk, and reduces inventory complexity.

Curtiss-Wright’s new TTS-9800-2 Tri-Band Multimode Transmitter supports transmission in L-Band (all), S-Band (all), and C-Band (lower and middle). Designed to operate in the harsh environmental rugged conditions of aerospace test applications, it also provides state-of-the-art modulation, Forward Error Correction (FEC), and Space-Time Coding (STC) compatibility to the IRIG-106-17 telemetry standard (that test ranges are now mandated to support).

The device’s user programmability options are provided via serial and parallel interfaces. Reflecting Curtiss-Wright’s commitment to the telemetry transmitter market, the TTS-9800-2, with its addition of a second output and support for STC and tri-band transmission, is the next-generation enhancement of the earlier dual-band TTS-9700 device. This rugged transmitter is ideal for use in aerospace and defense applications, such as flight test instrumentation, Remotely Piloted Vehicle (RPV) communications, and launch vehicle telemetry.

“We are excited to support the numerous flight test ranges now using the new IRIG 106-17 standards with a compatible and fully user-programmable tri-band transmitter,” says Lynn Bamford, Senior Vice President, and General Manager, Defense Solutions division. “With its support for L/S/C bands in a single, field programmable device, the TTS-9800-2 furthers our position as a trusted and proven supplier of flight test RF transmitters that lower cost, time, and risk for our customer’s programs.”

TTS-9800-2 Performance Features

This TTS-9800-2 tri-band transmitter provides dual outputs at 5W. Both of its outputs support STC to, for example, eliminate destructive interference between the top and bottom antennas on an aircraft, and mitigate occasional signal loss. Performance features of the TTS-9800-2 include

  • Tri-band transmission: L, S, & C-Bands
  • Dual-channel, 5W per channel
  • Programmable power levels
  • Supports: PCM/FM, SOQPSK, & Multi-H CPM
  • LDPC per IRIG-106-17
  • STC per IRIG-106-17
  • Selectable IRIG or CCSDS randomizer
  • Serial programming interface
  • Frequency selectable via RS-232 COM port and parallel BCD
  • Provides IRIG 2^15-1 and CVSDS compatible randomizers
  • Data rates
    • PCM/FM from 80 kbps to 30 Mbps
    • Other formats from 120 kbps to 60 Mbps
  • Bit rate agile
  • High-efficiency multi-power amplifier design
  • Embedded isolators and GPS filtering

Complete System Level Flight Test Solutions

Curtiss-Wright leads the industry in providing complete system-level flight test solutions and provides the market’s broadest range of in-house designed system-level data acquisition products - including DAU, gateways, transceivers, recorders, cameras, managers, and switches. The TTS-9800-2 is fully compatible for use with all Curtiss-Wright Aerospace Instrumentation products, including the new Axon ultra-compact data acquisition system.

About the Curtiss-Wright Aerospace Instrumentation Group

In 2017, Curtiss-Wright integrated its Dublin business unit (Ireland) with the Teletronics Technology Corporation business unit (based in Newtown, Pennsylvania), to form the Industry’s broadest and most experienced single source for customers of commercial and defense aerospace instrumentation system solutions. With the merger of the two business units, Curtiss-Wright now supports more aerospace flight test customers, platforms, and programs than any other competitor around the world. What’s more, with its increased resources and global reach, the Company is able to significantly expand the availability of its unmatched quality and customer support, while bringing even larger system-level solutions to market.


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