PacStar Announces Upgraded Tactical HyperConvergence Solution

PacStar Announces Upgraded Tactical HyperConvergence Solution
PacStar 455 Supports More Compute, More RAM, and Faster Networking – Expanding Forward Deployed Cloud, Datacenter and Virtualization


PORTLAND, Ore. July 30, 2019 – PacStar®, a leading developer and supplier of advanced communications solutions for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), announced a new generation of PacStar 455 server modules with dramatically enhanced compute and networking capabilities. The new module enables tactical networking and command post programs to significantly reduce the size, weight and power of servers required to host datacenter and cloud applications – improving warfighter mobility, situational awareness, and information dominance.  The new module is a key component in ensuring access to mission critical data even in environments with disconnected, intermittent and limited connectivity to networks providing cloud and headquarters data access.

The new PacStar 455 includes more powerful Intel® Xeon® D processors with up to 12 cores, up to 64 GB of RAM, 64 TB of RAID protected solid state removeable storage, and 10 GiGE fiber ports – tripling the number of cores, doubling the RAM from previous versions, and increasing network speeds by 10x – while maintaining the same size, weight and power of PacStar’s leading small form factor servers. These expanded capabilities allow tactical networks to pack more capabilities into the same space as prior generation PacStar solutions – allowing organizations to deploy services in tactical transportable modular datacenter solutions that fit in standard airline carry-on size cases.

Combined with the family of PacStar 400-Series solutions, the new PacStar 455 is an ideal platform for use cases including:

  • Advanced cloud replication, application virtualization or hyper-convergence
  • Application performance acceleration
  • General purpose NAS storage
  • Satellite/GIS imagery caching
  • Video serving/storage
  • Cybersecurity applications with large storage requirements such as package capture, Netflow analysis, SIEM, DLP, or threat analytics
  • WAN optimization

“PacStar 455 small form factor hyper-convergence module delivers the benefit of datacenter high capacity storage and compute in a package optimized for tactical use. This latest version of our PacStar 455 is an important advancement of our hyper-convergence platform,” said Peggy Miller, chief executive officer, PacStar. “PacStar is committed to maintaining our technology leadership, and this new version illustrates our continuous development and high investment in R&D.”

PacStar 455 uses Intel® x86 architecture, and is designed and tested to host compute infrastructure software including virtualization, storage, container systems, cloud software, virtualized network functions, and application software.  PacStar 455 is capable of hosting a wide variety of operating systems, including both proprietary and open source software.  To learn more, and download a datasheet, visit the PacStar 455 web page here.

PacStar 455 is part of the PacStar 400-Series, a comprehensive suite of communications and compute products and solutions from PacStar designed for optimal SWaP and flexibility for tactical and expeditionary communications.

About PacStar

Pacific Star Communications, Inc. (PacStar) is a leading provider of advanced communications solutions for a wide range of military, intelligence and commercial applications.  PacStar created and manufactures its COTS-based rugged, small form factor expeditionary and mobile communications systems.  Separately, it developed integrated, network communications management software, IQ-Core® Software, for the military, federal, state/local government and emergency responder markets. The company’s patented IQ-Core® Software, hardware technology and integrated solutions provide secure, command, control and communications systems, particularly in remote or infrastructure starved areas. In addition, PacStar’s communications systems are ideally suited for commercial/industrial organizations with mission-critical field communications requirements.

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