Heavy & Medium Duty Enclosures

Standard Heavy & Medium Duty Enclosures
Standard Heavy & Medium Duty Enclosures
Heavy & Medium Duty Enclosures

Standard Enclosure Solutions for Greater Program Speed & Affordability with Lower Risk

We have leveraged and distilled our enclosure and system technology building blocks to engineer a range of versatile, reconfigurable standard enclosures for rackmount COTS equipment that addresses the most commonly encountered environment conditions and mission functionality requirements. By reusing proven technology, our range of standard heavy & medium duty COTS equipment enclosures offer the ruggedization, isolation, and EMI protection required for Naval applications while reducing development time, schedule, and risk.

Heavy Duty Enclosure Features:

  • Shock protection to: MIL-DTL-901E, Type A, Class II, Grade A (8 Hz, 14Hz and 25Hz decks)
  • Vibration resilience to: MIL-STD-167/1A
  • EMI/RFI protection to: MIL-STD-461G
  • Form-factor: Standard 19” EIA equipment rack compliance
  • Sizes: 8U to 37U
Heavy Duty Equipment Enclosures
Height: 8U
Payload capacity: 300lbs
Weight: 303lbs
Height: 15U
Payload capacity: 400lbs
Weight: 240lbs
Height: 24U
Payload capacity: 750lbs
Weight: 310lbs
Height: 26U
Payload capacity: 600lbs
Weight: 370lbs
Height: 32U
Payload capacity: 1000lbs
Weight: 370lbs
Height: 36U
Payload capacity: 1000lbs
Weight: 340lbs
Height: 37U
Payload capacity: 1000lbs
Weight: 883lbs
Medium Duty Extruded Enclosures
HRD-KA Series Equipment Rack
Gasketed interfaces: Yes
Material: Aluminum

Value-Focused Approach to Naval Equipment Enclosures

New efficient approaches to cabinet and console design, fabrication, integration, and qualification is enabling prime defense contractors to equip the Navy faster with better technology while increasing ROI.