T2C2 Baseband

T2C2 Baseband
T2C2 Baseband
T2C2 Baseband

<p>Transportable Tactical Command Communications (T2C2), an Army Program of Record, will provide agile, robust voice and data communications in the early phases of joint operations and in later operational phases at the tactical edge. T2C2 will connect small company and team-sized elements to the high capacity Warfighter Information Network-Tactical (WIN-T) network and extend that network to the most rigorous locations with two high-bandwidth deployable variants, a lite and a heavy.</p>

<p>Curtiss-Wright PacStar 400-Series products have been selected to provide the<strong><em>&nbsp;</em></strong>baseband solution for the T2C2 program. PacStar IQ-Core® Software&nbsp;licenses are also being provided at no cost with the PacStar 400-Series, resulting in significant savings to the overall program.</p>

T2C2 Baseband

Lite Configuration:

  • Soldier-portable, rapid set-up

  • Snap together power-sharing capabilities

  • Two-network and colorless core configuration

  • Modular design to meet mission requirements

  • Significant reduction in size, weight, and power (SWaP)

  • System weighs less than 20 lb. including encryptors


Heavy Configuration: 

  • Supports company-level command post/forward operating base communications

  • Common platform utilized for Lite and Heavy configurations

  • Two-case total solution

  • Three-network and colorless core configuration

  • Reduces costs for training, logistics, and sparing