Intel Architecture COTS Products Brochure

Intel Architecture COTS Products Brochure
Intel Architecture COTS Products Brochure
February 11, 2022

Intel Architecture COTS Products Brochure

Today’s commercial embedded, aerospace, and defense industries rely heavily on modern technology solutions that cater to the power, size, and performance requirements needed for mission-critical systems. Intel’s technology advancements cadence, which alternates micro-architecture development with technology optimizations and die geometry shrinkage has produced continuous performance improvement with reliable, scalable processing options available to suppliers of Single Board Computers (SBCs) and DSP engines for use in embedded compute-intensive applications.

Our complete line of Intel architecture COTS modules is engineered for rugged deployed SWaP-constrained platforms.

  • Architecting the Complete COTS System Solution: we support a wide variety of operating systems on our boards, complete with module drivers and middleware, designed to enable quick development
  • Pin-compatibility: we invest to enable technology insertion from generation to generation to offer you the latest technology with minimal risk
  • System Ready Applications: we provide pre-tested and pre-validated hardware and software combinations to speed your time to deployment
  • Modified COTS: we can take our COTS products and modify them to meet the needs of a particular program, saving you time and money while reducing your program risk
  • Safety and Security: Our TrustedCOTS initiative ensures a high level of trusted computing, protecting your valuable assets.

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Trusted, proven processor cards from the leaders in MOSA hardware

Whether you're looking for hardened Trusted Computing capabilities or alignment to open standards like CMOSS or the SOSA Technical Standard, our selection of rugged processor cards has you covered. Featuring industry-leading Intel and NXP Arm and Power Architecture processors, our 3U and 6U VPX, 6U VME, and XMC single board computers (SBCs) and digital signal processing (DSP) cards are backed by our lifecycle management services to support extended availability for the duration of your program.

Embedded computing systems from small form-factor to large program-specific solutions

Mission computers are the heart of every platform. To ensure your mission success, our embedded computing systems are backed by decades of experience developing C5ISR, vetronics, and program-specific system solutions. Whether you're looking for a modular, small form-factor (SFF) line replaceable unit (LRU) or a scalable VPX system designed to meet your specific requirements, our computing systems are built rugged to perform optimally in the harshest deployed environments on land, in the air, or at sea. Our industry-leading system architects partner with you to meet your system integration and program management requirements.