3U VPX Software Defined Radio (SDR) Solution

3U VPX Software Defined Radio (SDR) Solution
3U VPX Software Defined Radio (SDR) Solution
Case Study
April 27, 2015

3U VPX Software Defined Radio (SDR) Solution

Software Defined Radio (SDR) provides flexible, upgradeable and longer lifetime radio equipment for wireless communication infrastructure. Modern communication systems require high-reliability processing and highly specialized digital processing and I/O. Regardless of the algorithm and waveforms, SDR requires high-performance signal acquisition building blocks. Curtiss-Wright offers a range of rugged signal acquisition products ready for integration with processing and Radio Frequency (RF) electronics for deployment. These applications have a number of components working together within a size, weight and power (SWaP) constrained system which pave the way for bi-directional encrypted communication systems.

The MPMC-9351 based system provides a configurable, high bandwidth, low latency display processor in a compact low-power form factor. The system is backed by unprecedented processing power and the flexibility to meet the needs of deployable systems. It is designed to meet the harsh environments of many military computing applications while satisfying the software, processing, and compress needs in a fully qualified and packaged system solution.

Overall, the system can be quickly configured to meet the needs of any military or aerospace requirements, and is designed to meet or exceed the DO-160F environmental conditions for airborne equipment and is capable of passing numerous environmental tests, including harsh avionics and vehicular environments.

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This white paper outlines the key challenges system integrators face when building a system with 3U VPX COTS-based solutions. It also explains how the Curtiss-Wright 3U VPX embedded software test infrastructure provides a robust, integrated, and configurable test solution that shortens development cycles, increases test coverage, and verifies hardware performance under high levels of simultaneous interface utilization.


Deploy Faster with 3U VPX Solutions

Rugged systems built on the compact size and modularity of the 3U VPX form factor address growing aerospace and defense program requirements for Line Replaceable Units (LRU) that conform to decreasing size, weight, power, and cost (SWaP-C) allocations.