Rugged Data Acquisition for Missile and Captive Carry Platforms

Rugged Data Acquisition for Missile and Captive Carry Platforms
Rugged Data Acquisition for Missile and Captive Carry Platforms
Case Study
May 15, 2015

Rugged Data Acquisition for Missile and Captive Carry Platforms

Missile testing presents many challenges to flight test engineers. The key challenge is the limited space available for the test equipment. Data from a large number of sensors must be acquired, processed, transmitted and/or recorded in a footprint that is particular to the missile being tested. It is difficult to find off-the-shelf data acquisition solutions that provide the appropriate flexibility, functionality and performance in a rugged package that fits in the available space.

The ACRA KAM-500 data acquisition system has been used on numerous missile and captive carry platforms. Some of the reasons the KAM- 500 was selected for missile programs include its ability to cost-effectively process and accurately condition signals from accelerometers, strain gages and temperature sensors. Another key advantage of the KAM-500 was the digital filtering accuracy provided as well as the KAM-500’s ability to modularly expand to include captive data recording and multiple PCM outputs. The KAM-500 has a track record as being a key component in successful testing of the missile platforms. Critical to this track record is the flexible design criteria built into every KAM-500 and the controlled application of Program Management that enables the company to rapidly respond to changing design/schedule scenarios as the programs evolved. 

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Acra KAM-500 Data Acquisition Systems

Our modular data acquisition units (DAUs) let you create custom systems using COTS elements. Choose from a selection of chassis and over a hundred modules to create the exact combination to meet your requirements.


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Curtiss-Wright is the largest rugged aerospace data acquisition provider in the world, with decades of experience as a trusted, proven leader in aviation technology. The Acra KAM-500 data acquisition system (DAS) is one of our most widely installed aerospace lines with over 14,000 systems shipped worldwide to date.

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