Parvus DuraWORX 8043 Computing and Networking Subsystem Data Sheet

The Parvus DuraWORX 8043 is an ultra-rugged multi-function computing and networking system that combines a high-performance 6th Gen “Skylake” Intel Xeon E3 v5-based mission processor and a Cisco 5915 IOS-managed secure network router into a single modular platform designed for highly demanding thermal, shock, and vibration environments. Integrating the capabilities of the standalone DuraCOR® 8043 computer and DuraMAR® 5915 router subsystems with options for DuraNET Ethernet switching and Mini-PCIe/PCIe104 I/O card expansion, the DuraWORX 8043 is a scalable, all-in-one computing system aimed at reducing size, weight and power (SWaP) and simplifying systems integration (thermal, cabling, power, installation) in tactical computing, IP networking, and situational awareness applications.