TTC BIM-429C-4 16-Channel ARINC-429 Bus Monitor Card Data Sheet

The BIM-429C-4 is a 16-channel ARINC-429 bus monitor card for use in Curtiss-Wright’s EDAU/CDAU/WDAU-20XX data acquisition system products. The card receives data from up to sixteen (16) standard avionics ARINC-429 serial digital data buses. The incoming data rate is programmable on a per-channel basis for 12.5 kHz, 50kHz or 100 kHz bit rate. High time, low time, and micro timestamping are available on a per-word basis. All incoming ARINC-429 data is stored on the card and is programmable by the user for insertion in the PCM output format as “Class I PCM” (standard fixed-position).